Dr. Amal Mattu gives a great 47-minute lecture on “How to Get Promoted in Academic Emergency Medicine”. Catch the podcast from the talk in July’s EM-RAP Educator’s Edition. He pulls many of the lessons from his son’s kindergarten teacher.

Getting promoted in academic EM can often be a challenge and a mysterious process. Why is it some are getting promoted faster than others? What can I do to make sure I’m on track for promotion?

It’s all about hard work AND working smart

 Here are some tips for success:
  1. Learn the rules of the game. It’s about meeting deadlines and knowing what format your application for promotion should be in.
  2. Keep a real-time, careful CV of your accomplishments in research, teaching, and service. If you don’t, you may forget a lot.
  3. Get involved with medical school committees (more valued than hospital committees).
  4. Find teachers, coaches, and role models for yourself.
  5. Get to love research and writing.
  6. Not all publications are valued equally.
  7. Find an academic niche or area of expertise.
  8. Be a do-er and not a whiner.
  9. Don’t communicate with people when you are angry.
  10. Think national and not just local. Get out and speak at outside institutions.

There are lots more little pearls. Take a listen!

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