ExpertPeerReviewStamp2x200Last year, we launched a new initiative to bring on solicited Expert Peer Reviewers (EPR) for selected posts. These reviewers would need to have specific credentials, such as having previously published in a journal or textbook, presented the topic at a national conference, or have extra training in the area. In fact, we have added this as an required feature for all posts which have come through our New Submissions process. We wish to thank all our expert peer reviewers, who have kindly provided their open comments, which have significantly added to the educational value of the post. Below lists the 22 ALiEM expert peer reviewed posts in 2014:

DatePostAuthorExpert Peer Reviewer
Jan 15, 2014Approach to Difficult Vascular AccessTerrance LeeJohn Litell
Jan 23, 2014Head injury in pediatric patients: To CT or not to CT?Josh EasterLise Nigrovic
Feb 3, 2014Serotonin Syndrome: Consider in the Older Patient with Altered Mental StatusChristina ShenviDebra Bynum
Feb 11, 2014When the PERC Rule FailsJason WestJeffrey Kline
Apr 1, 2014Cellulitis: Do Not Get Blood CulturesJeff SeiglerWilliam Paolo
Apr 3, 2014High Sensitivity Troponin T and Acute Myocardial Infarction: One and Done?Salim RezaieAnand Swaminathan
Apr 10, 2014Top 10 reasons NOT to order a CT scan for suspected renal colicDaniel FirestoneRalph Wang, Renee Hsia
Apr 11, 2014PEITHO Trial: Fibrinolysis for Intermediate-Risk Pulmonary EmbolismSalim RezaieAnand Swaminathan
Apr 17, 2014Trick of the Trade: Making your own homemade ultrasound gelChristine RiguzziAllison Binkowsi
Apr 29, 2014Geriatric Emergency Departments: Coming to a Hospital Near You?Christina ShenviChristopher Carpenter
Jun 13, 2014PV Card: Local anesthetic toxicity calculationsDavid MurphyZlatan Coralic
Jul 9, 2014PV Card: Pediatric Ingestion Dose Thresholds for ED ReferralBryan HayesZlatan Coralic
Aug 6, 2014Management of Iron ToxicityMary Wittler, David MantheyTodd Chang
Sep 10, 2014Small bowel obstruction: Diagnosis by ultrasonographyJacob Avila, Jessica WhittleMatt Dawson
Sep 11, 2014US4TW Case: 28F with Shortness of BreathJeff Shih, Kennedy HallMike Stone
Sep 29, 2014Bleeding and Hemophilia in the Pediatric EDSarah MelendezDon Eslin
Oct 14, 2014Blunt Chest Trauma: Validation of the NEXUS Chest RuleEric MorleyRobert Rodriguez
Oct 28, 2014US4TW Case: 30M with Blunt Abdominal TraumaJeff Shih, Kennedy HallArun Nagdev
Nov 5, 2014Mythbusting the Banana BagMeghan GrothBryan Hayes
Nov 19, 2014Why Henderson and Hasselbalch Belong in the EDFrank RuizScott Weingart
Nov 20, 2014Ultrasound For The Win! Case – 93F with Chest PainJeff Shih, Kennedy HallMike Stone
Nov 24, 2014Can Permanent Marker Leach into IV Infusion Bags?Jeremy Bair, Cortney Hebert, Rob BryantAngela Whitney

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