You’ve probably noticed by now, but ALiEM is going through some pretty significant changes–especially in the way that the site looks and feels. We’ve shifted the platform that was used to create ALiEM and taking a few minutes to explain why.

Let Me Introduce Myself

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Shuhan He, I’m a PGY4 at the MGH/BWH Harvard Affiliated Emergency Medicine Residency, and I’m the new ALiEM Chief Growth Officer.

Since joining the team I’ve learned about the ways that technology is implemented to create all of the magic – the blog, virtual communities, a learning management system, and more. One thing that tends to happen to successful teams and individuals is that more and more gets asked from you. That’s what happened to Derek Sifford, our CTO. His ability to consistently execute and apply his broad talents had him spread between so many different projects.

So, I’m coming in to help manage the blog side of the equation so that he can focus more on the higher yield and higher ceiling technological projects, including This also allows me to do what I do best, digital growth projects that can utilize our team’s talents. I think it’s so special how many great educators and writers contribute to ALiEM, and I want to make sure that they can have the digital tools to make a worldwide, industry-changing impact on medicine and education.

On the Horizon

Platform Changes

Platform changes are usually quite painful in the short term. The main issue you – our readers! –  should expect is that there are thousands of blog posts that we must eventually audit and fix prior to rolling out our phase I change. Over time we will ensure that we update all of these.

However, please let us know at [email protected] if you find these issues in the scope of using them for learning and education. You are part of our community! 

Expanding Our Growth Team

In the interim, ALiEM is looking for partnerships to spark growth. If you think that you can grow the ALiEM team or want to expand our growth team, we’ve created a Growth Team Page just for you!

Blog Design

We’re also splitting our educational content from our communities and growth projects. Our education will still be split into 3 sections: Academic, Life, and Emergency Medicine. We’re going to create subpages as well as systems specific pages so that it’s easier than ever to find content on demand while we highlight our communities, like, in another bar. We hope this will improve your educational experience!

Shuhan He, MD
ALiEM Senior Systems Engineer;
Director of Growth, Strategic Alliance Initiative, Center for Innovation and Digital Health
Massachusetts General Hospital;
Chief Scientific Officer,
Shuhan He, MD