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As medical education podcasts, videos, and blogs continue to grow in popularity it is crucial that we cite them correctly, both in publications and on our CVs. We also must recognize the important contributions of media such as clinical photographs, radiology images, and ECGs. The American Medical Association (AMA) Manual of Style released its 11th edition in 2020. This blog post provides an update to our 2018 blog articles to reflect these changes.

Video Publications

Last Name First Initial. Video Title. Publication Title. Year of publication. Date accessed. URL.


Podcasts and Other Audio

Last Name First Initial. Podcast Title. Episode Title. Date Published. Date Accessed. URL.



App Title app. Version number. Creator/Publisher. Date of last update.


    • CorePendium app. Version 1.24.2. EM:RAP. Updated February 2024.

Photographs, ECGs, Radiology Images

These fall into the category of “other multimedia” in the AMA Manual of Style, and here is my best attempt to interpret this to clinical media.

For Media Used as a Supplement in a Publication:

Last Name First Initial. Media title. Date Published. Date Accessed. URL. Brief Description for: Article Title. Publication. DOI (if available).


For Media Without an Associated Publication:

This type of citation may be helpful if the image is used in multiple places within a publication, or if it is not tied to a particular publication. In the example below, there is no specified date of publication for the image.

Last Name First Initial. Media title. Date Published. Date Accessed. (if available). URL.



Last Name First Initial. Article Title. Blog Title blog. Date Published. Date Accessed. URL.



  1. Iverson C, ed. American Medical Association manual of style: a guide for authors and editors. 11th ed. Oxford University Press, 2020.
Jessica Mason, MD

Jessica Mason, MD

Associate Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine
Medical Education Fellowship Director
Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
Associate Editor for EM:RAP