SAEM Clinical Images Series: A Rare Case of Purpura

An 88-year-old female presented to the ER with a chief complaint of cough, vague abdominal pain, and a rash. The patient stated that she was started on Cipro eyedrops 1 or 2 days prior to presentation for a possible eye infection. A day prior to presentation she developed a purple purpuric rash on her lower extremities that gradually progressed up her legs, and was present on her buttocks thighs, and lower legs. It was not on her palms or soles. She had no mucous membrane involvement. She lives alone. The nursing home called EMS given the patient’s severe and progressive rash and the fact that the patient was feeling unwell. She had no fever, vomiting, foreign travel, other new drug exposure, or other complaints.

GI: Abdomen is mildly diffusely tender without guarding or rebound.

Skin: There are scattered petechiae and purpura on her lower extremities, thighs, and buttocks. They are somewhat raised, non-blanching, not itchy, and non-tender. They are most prominent on her buttocks and dependent areas of her body.

WBC: 7.8 with normal differential

Platelets: 423

Comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP): normal kidney function and electrolytes

ESR: 125 mm/hour

CRP: 89 mg/L

Urinalysis (UA): >9,8000 bacteria, nitrite positive

This patient’s history and physical are consistent with Henoch-Schönlein purpura (IgA Vasculitis).

Common triggers include infection, drugs, and autoimmune.

Take-Home Points

  • Consider IgA vasculitis, even in an older patient.
  • Ciprofloxacin has been documented as a cause of IgA vasculitis.
  • Steroids and NSAIDs are the treatment of choice, and this condition usually improves with time.

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