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SplintER Series: Two cases of shoulder pain


Two patients present to your emergency department: Patient 1 is a 17 year-old soccer player who fell during a game onto their right side and is now complaining of mild right shoulder pain. You obtain x-rays (Figure 1). Patient 2 is a 21 year-old motorist who lost control and went over the handlebars. They heard a pop and are complaining of left shoulder pain. You obtain shoulder x-rays (Figure 2). For these cases, what are your diagnoses, expected physical examination findings, and emergency department management?


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SplintER Series: Funny Looking Finger

right 5th digit xray mallet finger

Figure 1: Terminal extensor tendon avulsion at distal interphalangeal joint of 5th digit

A 17-year-old baseball player presents complaining of finger pain and difficulty straightening his finger after a baseball game. You obtain x-rays and see the following fracture (photo credit).

What is your diagnosis and emergency department management?


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