SAEM Clinical Image Series: Surfing Sting


A 38-year-old male presents 8 days after being stung in the left foot while surfing. He reports the sudden onset of sharp pain while walking in the ocean. He was seen initially in the emergency department. The puncture wound on his left foot was anesthetized, explored, and irrigated. No X-ray was obtained, no foreign body was discovered, and he was discharged home.

Two days ago, he noticed worsening heat, itchiness, swelling, and skin changes (red bumps and patches extending from the foot up to the lower calf) in his left foot. His current pain is rated 3/10 and localized to the left foot. The patient is able to walk and bear weight. He has been taking ibuprofen for pain control and is not taking antibiotics. He denies fevers, but reports fatigue and feels more cold than usual.