This Book Club series led by Dr. Nikita Joshi (@NJoshi8) and Dr. Jordana Haber (@JoJoHaber), introduces you to books that are pertinent to medical practice and the culture of medical education. Discussion will be held every other month. The goal is to share books, both nonfiction and fiction, medical and not, that can deepen our clinical practice and commitment to delivering great medical education to learners. Whether you are a physician, nurse, paramedic, or allied health care provider, we would love for you to join in on the discussion on this blog.

ALiEM Book Club: Beyond the ED Series

The ALiEM Book Club’s Beyond the ED Series headed by Dr. Taku Taira (@TakuTaira) is meant to be a way to share books that leaders within the medical community love and treasure without having the usual bookclub discussion associated with it. These books are sure to challenge and enrich the reader.


There are so many great books out there and not enough time to get to them. Please let us know if you come across any book that you feel would be worthwhile reading as a part of our book club!

Previous books

DateBookAuthorBook Discussion and Commentary
January 2020Forget a Mentor, Find a SponsorSylvia Ann HewlettBlog Link
December 2016Show and Tell: How Everybody Can Make Extraordinary PresentationsDan RoamBlog Link
November 20, 2016Creative Confidence: Unleashing the Creative Potential Within Us AllDavid and Tom KelleyBlog Link
October 16, 2016On the Move: A LifeOliver SacksBlog Link
August 14, 2016A Thousand Naked Strangers: A Paramedic’s Wild Ride to the Edge and BackKevin HazzardBlog Link
June 10, 2016The Digital Doctor: Hope, Hype, and Harm at the Dawn of Medicine’s Computer AgeRobert WachterBlog Link
May 13, 2016Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to LeadSheryl SandbergBlog Link
April 8, 2016When Breath Becomes AirPaul KalanithiBlog Link
March 12, 2016Steal Like An ArtistAustin KleonBlog Link
February 12, 2016Bouncebacks! Emergency Department Cases: ED ReturnsMichael B. Weinstock, Ryan Longstreth, Gregory L. HenryBlog Link
January 15, 2016Voices from Chernobyl: The Oral History of a Nuclear Disaster
Svetlana AlexievichBlog Link
January 8, 2016A Few Short Notes on Tropical Butterflies: StoriesJohn MurrayBlog Link
November 17, 2015Let Me Heal: The Opportunity to Preserve Excellence in American Medicine
Kenneth LudmererBlog Link
October 9, 2015Dreamland: The True Tale of America’s Opiate Epidemic
Sam QuinonesBlog Link
August 14, 2015The White Coat Investor: A Doctor’s Guide To Personal Finance And Investing
James M. DahleBlog Link
July 10, 2015The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of ColorblindnessMichelle AlexanderBlog Link
June 12, 2015How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical ThinkingJordan EllenbergBlog Link
May 8, 2015We Need to Talk About KevinLionel ShriverBlog Link
April 10, 2015The Art of ChoosingSheena IyengarBlog Link
March 21, 2015Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the EndAtul GawandeBlog Link
February 13, 2015The Emperor of all MaladiesSiddhartha MukherjeeBlog Link
January 16, 2015Brain on Fire: My Month of MadnessSusannah CahalanBlog Link
December 12, 2014Risk Savvy: How to Make Good DecisionsGerd GigerenzerBlog Link
November 21, 2014Humble Inquiry: The Gentle Art of Asking Instead of TellingEdgar ScheinBlog Link
October 10, 2014When Doctors Don’t Listen: How to Avoid Misdiagnoses and Unnecessary TestsLeana Wen and Joshua KosowskyBlog Link
September 19, 2014A History of Present Illness: StoriesLouise AronsonBlog Link
July 11, 2014David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling GiantsMalcolm GladwellBlog Link
May 12, 2014How We DieSherwin NulandBlog Link
March 14, 2014What Doctors FeelDanielle OfriBlog Link
February 14, 2014DriveDaniel PinkBlog Link
January 10, 2014One Room School HouseSalman KhanBlog Link
December 13, 2013Five Days at MemorialSheri FinkBlog Link
Google Hangout on Air
November 8, 2013Interpreter of Maladies – A short story “Temporary Matter”
Jhumpa LahiriBlog Link
Podcast Wrap Up
October 11, 2013The Happiness Advantage: The Seven Principles of Positive Psychology That Fuel Success and Performance at WorkShawn AchorBlog Link
Google Hangout on Air video
September 13, 2012House of GodSamuel ShemBlog Link
August 9, 2013The Checklist ManifestoAtul GawandeBlog Link
Curated Commentary
July 19, 2013Difficult Conversations
D Stone, B Patton, S HeenBlog Link
June 28, 2013The Immortal Life of Henrietta LacksRebecca SklootBlog Link

Past Book Club Leadership

Dr. Teresa Chan (@TChanMD)
Dr. Brent Thoma (@Brent_Thoma)

* Disclaimer: We have no affiliations financial or otherwise with the authors, the books, hyperlinks, videos or Amazon.

ALiEM Book Club: Beyond the ED – Recommendations from Dr. Jamie Santistevan

It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it.
– Oscar Wilde

Dr. Jamie Santistevan is a senior resident at the University of Wisconsin EM Residency Program. Throughout residency she has been active in the FOAMed community as contributor to multiple educational blogs including She has also been a leader in the American Association for Women Emergency Physicians (AAWEP) section of ACEP whose mission is to promote women leadership in EM. In July she will continue her training as the Quality and Administration fellow also at the University of Wisconsin. She will surely continue to be a key figure in FOAMed and Emergency Medicine. We are excited for her to share her book recommendations with this post of the ALiEM Bookclub: Beyond the ED.


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ALiEM Bookclub: Beyond the ED – Recommendations by Dr. Lainie Yarris

“Not all readers are leaders. But all leaders are readers.”
– Harry S. Truman

Dr. Lainie Yarris is the Program Director at Oregon Health and Sciences University Emergency Medicine Residency as well as the Co-Director of the Emergency Medicine Education Scholarship Fellowship and Co-Director for Faculty Development for OHSU School of Medicine. Beyond these multiple roles she has most readily known for her leadership in Emergency Medicine Education research, authoring over 40 publications and acting as a mentor for the MERC program, in addition to serving as an editor on multiple journals. She is an inspiration and role model for those of us in the Emergency Medicine education community. We are pleased to have her give us her book recommendations.


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ALiEM Bookclub | Beyond the ED – Recommendations by Dr. Maria Moreira

If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking.
– Haruki Murakami

book-lgDr. Maria Moreira is the Program Director of the Denver Health Emergency Medicine Residency. In addition to her role in her own program, she has been a fixture in the national medical education landscape. She is the chair of the County Program committee and is a member of the CORD executive board. She brings a humility and gentleness to everything that she does that belies her depth of thought and leadership skills. She is a leader, a role model, and someone we are happy to call a colleague. We are pleased to have her contribute to this edition of the ALiEM Bookclub: Beyond the ED.


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ALiEM BookClub | Lean In: Women, Work, and The Will to Lead

Lean In“We still have a problem” Sheryl Sandberg alarms us in her influential 2010 TED Talk, Why we have too few women leaders. “Women are not making it to the top of any profession anywhere in the world.” While women are getting more college degrees and graduate degrees, and more women are entering the workforce than ever before, when it comes to leadership positions, women do not come close to matching their male counterparts. “The blunt truth is that men still run the world.”


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ALiEM Bookclub: Beyond the ED – Recommendations by Dr. Jan Shoenberger

book-lgDr. Jan Shoenberger has been a long time leader in medical education. She is the Program Director at LAC+USC Emergency Medicine Residency and is dual boarded in Emergency Medicine and Palliative Care. She is equally well known for her involvement with EM:RAP, Essentials of Emergency Medicine, HIPPO EM, ALiEM, Emergency Medicine Abstracts, and multiple other courses and electronic resources. Beyond being a talented educator, many of her colleagues see her as an inspiration and a role model. We are pleased to have her contribute to this edition of the ALiEM Bookclub: Beyond the ED.

The only important thing in a book is the meaning that it has for you.
– W. Somerset Maugham


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ALiEM Bookclub: When Breath Becomes Air

41jFVZL72YL._SX336_BO1,204,203,200_Dr. Kalanithi was a chief resident in Neurosurgery at Stanford University when he was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer. “When Breath becomes Air,” is a touching chronicle of his initial journey into medicine and neurosurgery and subsequent transition to the role of patient after his cancer diagnosis. This profoundly moving memoir is a tribute to his young life and family that he had to leave behind, but also a sad glimpse of the potential that this promising young doctor and author never will attain.


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ALiEM Bookclub: Steal Like An Artist

Steal like an artistWhere do “new” ideas come from? Do they strike like lightning or start in familiar territory and gradually transform with each iteration? How is creativity cultivated? Innovators are frequently asked, “where do your ideas come from?”, and it’s a good question.

Artist and writer Austin Kleon [author profile] answers “I steal them.” Based initially on a lecture advising students how to foster creativity, Steal Like an Artist is a valuable resource for anyone engaged in creative pursuits, or really, just anyone in general.


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