Lead aVR: The Forgotten 12th Lead


Augmented leads (aVR, aVF, and aVL) were developed to derive more localized information looking at the right, lower, and left part of the heart respectively.  Specifically, lead aVR obtains information from the right upper side of the heart.  It also gives reciprocal information on the left lateral side of the heart, which is already covered by leads aVL, I, II, V5, and V6.  This is the main reason lead aVR has become forgotten.


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Paucis Verbis: Lead aVR on EKG


What lead is the most overlooked on the EKG?

 Answer: aVR

Lead aVR can provide some unique insight into 5 different conditions:

  1. Acute MI
  2. Pericarditis
  3. Tricyclic antidepressant (TCA) and TCA-like overdose
  4. AVRT in narrow complex tachycardias
  5. Differentiating VT from SVT with aberrancy in wide complex tachycardias by using the Vereckei criteria (possibly better than Brugada criteria)


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