ALiEMU CAPSULES Module 4: Pharmacology of Emergency Airway Management – Part 2

The next CAPSULES module is in! Part 2 of our 2-part airway series is now published on the Academic Life in EM University (ALiEMU) website. Pharmacology of Airway Management – Part 1 provided some outstanding information on topics such as preoxygenation and apneic oxygenation, awake intubation, delayed sequence intubation, and the pediatric airway. We are excited to announce the next installment of the popular CAPSULES series: Pharmacology of Emergency Airway Management – Part 2.


ALiEMU CAPSULES Module 3: Pharmacology of Emergency Airway Management – Part 1

pharmacology of emergency airway management We are thrilled to announce the next installment of ALiEM CAPSULES: Pharmacology of Emergency Airway Management (part 1), which was just published to the ALiEMU site. This is the first part of a 2-part course focusing on the pharmacology of the emergency airway. For this CAPSULES module we are introducing a multimedia-enhanced learning experience. You will find HD videos throughout the module providing further educational content. Some of the quizzes are also accompanied by video cases followed by a question based on the case you just watched. If you cannot use audio on your device, no problem, all videos are closed captioned (just hit the CC button in the YouTube window). We hope these videos further enrich your ALiEMU CAPSULES educational experience and we welcome any suggestions or comments!


ALiEMU School Doors Open – Featuring the CAPSULES Series

Our virtual school doors are open starting today to ALiEM University (ALiEMU), which can best be thought of as our open-access, on-demand, online school of e-courses for anyone practicing Emergency Medicine worldwide. This ambitious venture was made possible by a tremendous team, but primarily led by Chris Gaafary, MD (@CGaafary), ALiEMU’s Chief of Design and Development and an EM chief resident in his free time at the University of Tennessee. Today we are incredibly excited to launch our inaugural longitudinal e-course the ALiEM Capsules Series: A Practical Pharmacology for the EM Practitioner, created and led by Bryan Hayes, PharmD, FAACT (@PharmERToxGuy).


Introducing the New ALiEMU Capsules Series

We are excited and proud to introduce a new series as part of the recently announced ALiEMUCapsules: Practical Pharmacology for the EM Practitioner.

The Capsules series’ primary focus is bringing Emergency Medicine pharmacology education to the bedside. Our expert team distills complex pharmacology principles into easy-to-apply concepts. It’s our version of what-you-need-to-know as an EM practitioner. We hope you enjoy it.


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