Introducing a new blog: "Modern EM"


Last month, I announced Dr. Timothy Peck (Beth Israel Deaconess EM resident) as one of the winners of the Blog Incubator Contest. Starting today and for the next 2 Mondays, he’ll be posting a 3-part series, which will eventually end up on his blog “Modern EM” at His blog will feature examples of how Web 2.0 influenced the management of specific patient encounters. Also guests will be allowed to contribute mini-case presentations where they will report how a Web 2.0 activity changed how they managed a patient.

The blog is still in development phase. In the meantime, you are in for a treat. His upcoming blog entries are great examples demonstrating the impact of online and app-based clinical decision support tools in the ED.

Let’s welcome Tim to the blogging community!

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Video: Crash course on Prezi

Dr. Rob Rogers has started a great series of videos which highlight resources and tools which medical educators may find useful and innovative. This video takes you on a guided tour through making a Prezi presentation. Although I am still torn about using Prezi as a delivery tool because of the excessive motion-based transitions, I do like such features as:

  • Really professional looking templates
  • The presentations can live online and/or on your desktop
  • Ability to easily embed videos
  • Ability to see your entire presentation on the canvas
  • Allows more flexibility in content delivery
  • It just looks cool.

You can look for more excellent videos on the Academic Emergency Medicine Education Masters site. Hey maybe you can next teach people how to use Google Reader, Evernote, Dropbox!

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Blog Incubator Experiment: Be the next big thing in blogging

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There are many health and technology incubators out there, which help to build start-up companies into thriving and profitable organizations.

Why can’t we do this for those who are thinking about starting a blog? In 2009 when I was thinking about starting the blog, I had lots of support and encouragement. I slowly grew my readership by word-of-mouth and things really got going when the folks over at Life in the Fast Lane, Poison Review, EMCrit, and so many more graciously pointed their readers toward my site. 


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