I joined Twitter. Now what? (Tutorial video #1 – iPhone)

There has been a recent groundswell of interest and support for using Twitter purely for medical education. After getting several requests to get a quick tutorial of how I use it, I thought I would do a quick, on-the-fly video in my hotel room of how I use it on my iPhone (Echofon app) and on my laptop (Hootsuite). This is the first video on using the iPhone for Twitter.


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Mini-guide to Twitter: Why should I join?

What is Twitter? 

It’s a social network where people can send messages of a maximum of 140 characters in real time. It was created in 2006, and it has grown tremendously ever since. When it was first created the messages, called tweets, were about what people were doing in real time. Nowadays people, or “tweeple” as they are called on Twitter, are tweeting about any subject in the world.

Here’s is detailed guide on how to use Twitter by Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Slide 35 is a 7:47 minute video where Dr. Chretien, an internist, is interviewed about the use of social media.  


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