I am Dr. Martin Huecker, Associate PD and Research Director: How I Stay Healthy in EM

Dr. Martin Huecker is an associate program director, research director, and emergency physician from Louisville, Kentucky. When it comes to setting an example of how to maintain wellness and balance in our everyday lives, Dr. Huecker is definitely crushing it! From fulfilling his academic responsibilities, to staying active with his 4 children, Dr. Huecker doesn’t have any time to waste. His ability to prioritize, stay focused, and mentally reset in stressful situations is remarkable. If you want to learn more about ketoadaptation and sprit training, you’ll have to check this out. Here’s how he stays healthy in EM!


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I am Dr. Bory Kea, Assistant Professor and EM Physician: How I Stay Healthy in EM

Dr. Bory Kea is an emergency physician and assistant professor, currently practicing in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Kea’s love for her family and friends, passion for food, and commitment to enhancing medicine are just a few ways that help her maintain a balance. Whether it’s hitting the trail for a run or running after her little ones, she is constantly trying to stay active. Her ability to appreciate even the small things, is nothing but infectious! Here’s how she stays healthy in EM!



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I am Dr. Masashi Rotte, Emergency Physician and Assistant Professor: How I Stay Healthy in EM

Dr. Rotte is an emergency physician currently practicing in New York. His passion for traveling, love of hiking, and commitment to eating right are some of his secrets on how he maintains wellness. Dr. Rotte shares how he is able to get away, travel, and stay well, while keeping up with his work demands. We could all use a little of Dr. Rotte’s passion for life long learning! Here is how he stays healthy in EM!



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I am Dr. Brian Rowe, Scientific Director and Research Guru: How I Stay Healthy in EM

Dr. Rowe is an emergency physician practicing at the University of Alberta. Having worked in different departments and taken on a number of different leadership roles, Dr. Rowe has certainly figured out a way to keep healthy and stay well. Having been an avid soccer player in the past, he continues to keep up his fitness, by incorporating activity into his daily routine. Keep reading to check out his wellness pearls! Here’s how he stays healthy in EM!


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I am Dan Egan, EM Residency Program Director at St. Luke’s-Roosevelt: How I Stay Healthy in EM

Dr. Dan Egan is currently an emergency physician and the Program Director of Emergency Medicine at Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Roosevelt. Although a large amount of this time is split between clinical duties and academic responsibilities, Dr. Egan still manages to create a balanced environment by knowing his limits and exploring life beyond medicine. He has effectively found a way to include wellness into his everyday schedule, so that he always has time to reflect and decompress. Here’s how he stays healthy in EM!


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I am Dr. Graham Walker, Co-Creator of MDCalc: How I Stay Healthy in EM

Dr. Graham Walker (@mdcalc) is a physician that truly advocates for balance and wellness. He is currently an emergency physician practicing in San Francisco. Despite multiple work commitments and an active involvement with several successful start-ups, he still finds time to engage in his interests, keep fit, and stay well. From taking it to the next level at Bootcamp, to ensuring the day is infused with laughter, Dr. Walker is always taking the time to build on his personal wellness. He’s definitely got some great pearls you’ll want to know about. Here’s how he stays healthy in EM!


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I am Dr. Greg Wanner, Emergency Medicine Resident: How I Stay Healthy in EM

Dr. Wanner (@GregWanner) is an emergency medicine resident from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Having been a physician assistant educator in EM for several years prior to his residency, he brings a wealth of experience on how to stay well. Despite this busy schedule, he still finds time to keep fit and spend time with this two daughters. Dr. Wanner is a big supporter of “laughter is the best medicine”. Here’s how he stays healthy in emergency medicine!



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