How I Stay Healthy in EM: Michael Paddock

Healthy in EMEmergency medicine physicians serve on the “frontline” every time we walk into a shift but would be remiss to not acknowledge the unique challenges we have faced over the last few months, both as a specialty and as individual clinicians. Prevention of burnout and active wellness management is more important now than it ever has been. This month on our “How I stay Healthy” series, we’re featuring Dr. Mike Paddock, Staff Physician with the Regions Hospital EM residency program who shares his down-to-earth wisdom regarding what he does to thrive as a physician, educator, advocate, father, and friend.


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How I Stay Healthy in EM: Sarah Mott

Healthy Sarah Mott

Times are hard, work is stressful. With 24/7 news and constant global pandemic updates, our once prized “work stays at work and home stays at home” mentality can be hard to maintain. With that, it seemed like an opportune time to revamp our “How I stay healthy in EM” series. In these posts, we will have a blend of community and academic EM physicians share words of wisdom, wellness hacks, and “a day in the life.” Please let us know if you have resources to share and would like to be featured or would like to hear from anyone in particular.


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I am Dr. Christine Kulstad, Co-Clerkship Director: How I Stay Healthy in EM

Dr. Christine Kulstad is an emergency physician and Emergency Medicine Co-Clerkship Director at UT Southwestern in Dallas, Texas. She maintains a sense of balance  by keeping fit, eating right, and making time for her family and friends. Her advice on staying focused is something we could all try. Here’s how she stays healthy in EM!


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I am Dr. Kelly Williamson, Assistant Residency Program Director: How I Stay Healthy in EM

Dr. Kelly Williamson is an emergency physician and Assistant Residency Program Director from Advocate Christ Medical Center in Chicago. Keeping active and eating right are core values when it come to Dr. Williamson’s wellness. When she’s not spending time in the clinical or academic setting, Dr. Williamson can be found running on the lakefront or spending time with her family. Here’s how she stays healthy in EM!


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I am Dr. Julianna Jung, Director of Undergraduate Medical Education: How I Stay Healthy in EM

Dr. Julianna Jung is Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine and Director of Undergraduate Medical Education at Johns Hopkins University. She shares an important story about a challenging case, and how its changed her outlook to be more compassionate for ourselves, colleagues, and patients. Carving out time to remain active, outdoors, and engaged in her outside interests are part of her formula for maintaining wellness. Learn more about how she stays healthy in EM!


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I am Dr. Craig Newgard, EM Physician and Researcher: How I Stay Healthy in EM

Dr. Craig Newgard is an emergency physician from Portland, Oregon. When he is not in the ED, Dr. Newgard can be found on his mountain bike, conquering the unpredictable trails of his community. Although it can be challenging to incorporate a routine schedule into life as an emergency physician, he has found that it helps him achieve balance and avoid burnout. Here’s how he stays healthy in EM!

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