What makes a good clinical educator?

apple ExpertPeerReviewStamp2x200In this constantly evolving world of learner competencies, assessments, and milestones often is forgotten the important role of clinical teachers. We can all remember clinical instructors that stand out despite the grueling years of medical school and residency training. We admired them for various reasons and remember the insights and teaching pearls they bestowed upon us. But what exactly were the qualities that they possessed that other instructors did not have? What exactly did they have that made them a good clinical teacher in medicine?


Self-Regulated Learning and Forgetting

Young man with a book We go through school without realizing if our learning strategies are inefficient even more so when some assessments support these practices as opposed to discourage it. Unfortunately, exams and graduation run the risk of giving us a sense that learning is over, that what we have learned does not change, or that there are not more effective ways of learning. There is no way of unlearning what we have learned in the past, so it’s always a sensible practice to reassess our knowledge on a constant basis. (more…)


Conference Tweeting: Do not start tweet with @ symbol

Twitter-HashtagsIn the last two years, live tweeting from medical and education conferences has become mainstream. What better way to stay up-to-date with what is being taught around the globe! Pioneers like Dr. David Marcus (@EMIMDoc) even archive all of the conferences with hashtags, Twitter handles, and topic focus on his EM IM Doc blog.


Vote which Annals of EM articles to be open-access in July

OpenAccessHere’s your chance to help choose two articles to be open access in July’s Annals of Emergency Medicine . Take a look at the article abstracts accepted for publication in July’s issue. Vote on your top two choices over the next 4 days, and the top two will be made open after the July issue of Annals of EM goes online.

This may be the last month we are doing this, so if you like this opportunity, please vote! Your participation will help us decide whether or not to continue this feature.



Presentation Design for Medical Education: Slide set for CORD 2014

CORD-Anniv-FinalLogoDrs. Tyson Pillow, Stacey Poznanski, Robert Tubbs, and I will be teaming up to deliver a Presentation Design Bootcamp talk for medical educators at the 2014 Council for EM Residency Directors (CORD). The session is on April 2, 2014 at 1:30-2:20p in New Orleans, LA. Because it is a short 1-hour intensive workshop, we want to offer participants the opportunity to prepare themselves by reviewing the slide set ahead of time.