The essay of all essays: The Biology of Emergency Medicine (1 of 2)

PeterRosenThis post is based on one of the most interesting articles I have ever read in EM. The article written by Dr. Peter Rosen in 1979 and published in The Journal of the American College of Emergency Physicians (later become Annals of Emergency Medicine) is a landmark piece. It defines the specialty with so much precision that even contemporary authors find very little discrepancy of what Dr. Rosen wrote and the state of EM in present time.

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Top 10 tips to building a productive academic team

 Screen Shot 2012-05-17 at 2.59.20 AMI have been meaning to share this list of great tips about building a productive academic team. Major projects often require an interdisciplinary team of experts who are equally motivated towards a shared goal. I was recently at the 2012 Society of Academic Emergency Medicine where Dr. William McGaghie gave an inspiring CDEM keynote speech. He has been on a myriad of successful academic teams and he shared with us his top 10 list of pearls for team-building.


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