I haven’t found a way of keeping up with all the information out there, even with textbook reading. I don’t know if there is way. Here are my thoughts.


  • Blogs RSS feeds: Google reader (http://www.google.com/reader)
  • Podcasts: Downcast app (www.downcastapp.com)
  • Stay in touch, network, and have instant discussions: Twitter, Google+

The only way that the content in these resources are relevant to me is after having a good foundation with textbook reading and reading journal articles. This is Seth Trueger (@MDAware) take on the cautionary use of social media.

I used to listen to podcasts in my car mostly on the way to work and on the way back (Always pay attention to the road). I read new blog posts (especially the short ones) while on breaks, waiting in line, etc. I use freemergencytalks.net by Joe Lex for specific lectures, mostly on patient-centered topics to see how I can improve my practice.

I am very, very selective. My selection process:

  • Who is the author?
  • Is this up to date?
  • Is this relevant to my practice?
  • Is it relatively short?

If a posts is really long and it’s an essay on everything on that has to do with topic I don’t read it, I just go to the textbook. I love posts and podcasts that deal with a specific question, is conversational, casual, yet informative.

Other resources about filtering which are worth looking at

Here are some of the top resources that I filter through

The key for me is I know where to go when I have a specific question that needs to be answered. I filter the information, make sure I have a good knowledge background, and have fun. I hope this helps.

Lisa B. Marshall on communication overload: Although she is commercially sponsored (I have no affiliation), I think she gives good, and succinct advice. (Part 1Part 2)

Javier Benitez, MD

Javier Benitez, MD

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