It has been over 2 years now that my guest bloggers and I write blog posts 5 days a week. The process of writing, maintaining, and collaborating on ideas for the blog has completely changed my career. It has opened new doors, introduced me to new colleagues and friends worldwide, and clarified the direction of my career.

Now as I find myself involved with more projects, I need to re-structure my time (unless someone can find me an extra hour a day to work). It was a good run though. Honestly, I’m surprised that I maintained this pace for so long. The blog was meant to be my little experiment and foray into the Web 2.0 world to catalog my personal thoughts and learning.

The schedule going forward

So after much consideration, I will be moving from a Monday-Friday schedule to a Tues and Friday model. Whenever I encounter interesting resources, I will post them on an intermittent, unscheduled basis. This contradicts the teachings that one can only gain blog followers with a very regular schedule, but then that was never my goal. So here is the schedule, based on popularity trends that I have noticed:DaysOfWeekTF

  • Tuesday:  Tricks of the Trade tips
  • Friday: Paucis Verbis cards

I still welcome readers to contribute ideas, tricks, and Paucis Verbis cards. Often these get more internet traffic than my own posts!

Michelle Lin, MD
ALiEM Founder and CEO
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Department of Emergency Medicine
University of California, San Francisco
Michelle Lin, MD


Professor of Emerg Med at UCSF-Zuckerberg SF General. ALiEM Founder @aliemteam #PostitPearls at Bio:
Michelle Lin, MD