emergency ultrasound 1Need a quick refresher course on how to do an ultrasound-guided ear block or ankle arthrocentesis? I recently found out about Drs. Andrew Herring and Arun Nagdev’s Highland Emergency Ultrasound website and thought it was a great resource to share with others in the EM world. The website has easy-to-follow pictorial instructions of anatomic landmarks, probe placement, and ultrasound images of the most common blocks and other procedures.

Highland Emergency Ultrasound app

Dr. Herring (@HighlandHerring) also tweets on the newest evidence-based ultrasound articles if you want to stay up-to-date on topics, such as paravertebral blocks for rib fractures or using 1% vs. 2% lidocaine.

Highland Emergency Ultrasound App

The content is also available in native-app form, which can be download for FREE on any smartphone/tablet. Check out this  free in-app resource for Ultrasound-guided procedures on AgileMD.


Delphine Huang, MD

Delphine Huang, MD

Resident Department of Emegency Medicine (EM) UCSF-San Francisco General Hospital EM Residency Program