Wellness and Resiliency During Residency: Strategizing with ZDoggMD

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Unless you are living under a rock, many healthcare and public media platforms are talking about the insidious problems with burnout in the health professions world. One thought leader out there is especially vocal about wellness, resiliency, and mindfulness — Dr. Zubin Damania (alter ego: ZDoggMD). For instance, do you know the difference between empathy and compassion, and why that is important to differentiate this as a clinician? We were honored to have him join the Wellness Think Tank to field questions that we peppered at him, specifically around resident wellness. [+]

I am Dr. Ian Julie, Medical Simulation Fellowship Director: How I Stay Healthy in EM

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Dr. Ian Julie is an emergency physician based out of UC Davis Medical Center. He is currently an Assistant Professor of emergency medicine, Director of the Medical Simulation Fellowship, and Interim Director of UC Davis Center for Virtual Care. Dr. Julie keeps well by taking an active role to incorporate activity and make healthy choices in his daily life. His approach of “talking things out” with his patients, is a form of therapy we should try. Here’s how he stays healthy in EM! [+]

Wellness and Resiliency During Residency: Interprofessional Conflict

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“It’s rarely the patients that hurt me. It’s my colleagues in the hospital.” “[Interprofessional conflict] is so underappreciated as a source of stress and misery in our job. And so often in the hospital, horrible behavior is swept underneath the rug because a) there is no pathway to address this stuff and b) it’s almost seen as de rigor for certain services to act this way. “Oh it’s the surgical service, what do you expect, that’s just the way they are.” That is what ruins me … I think that is the biggest threat to wellness in my world.” –Scott [+]

I am Dr. Catherine Varner, Emergency Physician and Clinical Scientist: How I Stay Healthy in EM

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Dr. Catherine Varner is an emergency physician and clinical scientist from Toronto, Canada. Being an emergency physician and a mother to two young ones, Dr. Varner’s schedule can fill up pretty quick. But despite her busy schedule, she still takes the time to take care of herself. Whether it’s tackling a running trail in the city, or exploring the forest off the beaten path, the outdoors allow her to escape from daily life. Here’s how she stays healthy in EM! [+]

I am Dr. Sam Ko, Associate Medical Director: How I Stay Healthy in EM

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Dr. Sam Ko (@drsamko) is an emergency physician from Southern California. Wellness is something very important to him, and it totally reflects on how present it is in his daily life. From practicing daily rituals to scheduling time for regular meditation, he always takes the opportunity to live in the now and be present. Here’s how he stays healthy in EM! [+]

Interview with Drs. Michael Callaham and Ellen Weber: Behind the scenes of journal peer review

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As part of the ALiEM Faculty Incubator Program, Dr. Mike Callaham (Editor-in-Chief of Annals of Emergency Medicine) and Dr. Ellen Weber (Editor-in-Chief of Emergency Medicine Journal) participated in a Google Hangout where they provided expert advice on academic writing and peer review. We have summarized their wisdom below.   [+]

I am Dr. Michelle Lall – How I Promote Wellness in EM

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Dr. Michelle Lall, an Assistant Professor and Assistant Residency Director is dedicated to promoting work-life balance and resilience among her co-workers and nationally. She was inspired in part by her experience growing up as the daughter of a physician who worked long hours his whole life. In addition to promoting wellness through national committees, she has developed a multi-tiered approached involving faculty, residents, advanced practice providers, as well as significant others to promote wellness at every level in her department. [+]

APPLY NOW: 2017 Essentials of Emergency Medicine Education Fellowship Program

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The Essentials of Emergency Medicine (EEM) conference is in May 2017, but opportunities start NOW. This conference is one of the largest live EM educational conferences in the world with over 2,000 attendees. The conference organizers, led by Dr. Paul Jhun, are again offering an amazing opportunity for U.S. EM residents to serve as an EEM Fellow for the next EEM conference in May 16-18, 2017. [+]

Introducing CME for ALiEM via FOAMbase

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Ever wish you could get Continuing Medical Education (CME) credit for the Free Open Access Meducation (FOAM) you already consume? We are excited to announce that 10 ALiEM articles are now available for AMA PRA Category 1 CME. This is a pilot program in collaboration with FOAMbase and EB Medicine. There is great content on trauma, geriatrics, pediatrics, critical care, and more. We think CME for FOAM is going to be a great way to increase sustainability for FOAM authors while keeping FOAM 100% free and open access.   [+]

I am Dr. Alicia Pilarski – How I Promote Wellness in EM

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Wellness is not the sole responsibility of each individual physician, rather it is something we have to foster as a community. Many if not most of the things that contribute to burnout or detract from wellness are systems-level problems. Therefore the solutions also need to be systems-based, which inspired us to launch this series on how to promote wellness in EM. The goal is to share ideas, practices, and programs that have worked at different institutions to promote wellness. Our hope is that in reading these posts, you will be inspired to take some of the ideas and implement them [+]