How I Podcast Smarter: The Gear

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We are back this week with a new “Working Smarter” mini-series on Podcasting. An increasing number of individuals and residency programs are starting podcasts, but it’s not always obvious how to get started. What hardware is needed? What’s the workflow? What are the pitfalls? To help answer these questions we picked the brains of 9 star Emergency Medicine podcasters (@FOAMpodcast, @srrezaie, @TheSGEM, @stemlyns, @embasic, @Core_EM, @EM_Educator, @EMtogether, @EMCases) and asked them to share their secrets. From dead simple set-ups to semi-professional studios, you’ll learn from veterans how to get your voice out to the public, and do it well. In this [+]

Social Media Index: Entering the Debate

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On February 1, 2016, the St Emlyn’s blog published a post by notable FOAMite Dr. Simon Carley (@EMManchester) that critiqued the Social Media Index (SMi) [/fusion_builder_column] [1]. The SMi is an impact metric for emergency medicine (EM) blogs and podcasts that has been hosted on ALiEM for the past few years [2]. This post provides background on its creation and evolution and responds to some of these criticisms. It will be followed by a more philosophical post by Teresa Chan (@TChanMD) on CanadiEM tomorrow. [+]

I am Dr. Greg Wanner, Emergency Medicine Resident: How I Stay Healthy in EM

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Dr. Wanner (@GregWanner) is an emergency medicine resident from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. Having been a physician assistant educator in EM for several years prior to his residency, he brings a wealth of experience on how to stay well. Despite this busy schedule, he still finds time to keep fit and spend time with this two daughters. Dr. Wanner is a big supporter of “laughter is the best medicine”. Here’s how he stays healthy in emergency medicine!   [+]

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Naming contest for ACEP initiative on quality improvement – $250 prize

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Are you creative? Got a knack for acronyms and catchy names? Want to have bragging rights on naming a major American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) initiative? Want to win a $250 prize? Here is your chance. ALiEM has partnered with ACEP to help be the social media wing in their ambitious, grand-scale quality improvement collaborative based on Choosing Wisely recommendations. [+]

I am Dr. Ambrose Wong, Director of Simulation Research: How I Stay Healthy in EM

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Dr. Ambrose Wong (@ambrosehwong) is a healthcare simulation educator and researcher, with a passion for teamwork and collaboration across professions and disciplines. He grew up in Vancouver, Canada and moved to the United States for medical school and residency, but now calls New England his home. He recently completed his simulation fellowship at NYU School of Medicine, and joined the brand new state-of-the-art Yale Center for Medical Simulation as a budding educational researcher. Wellness is especially important as a junior faculty member, and he’s excited to share his experiences. Here’s how he stays healthy in EM! [+]

APPLY NOW: 2016 Essentials of Emergency Medicine (EEM) Education Fellowship Program

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The Essentials of Emergency Medicine (EEM) conference named the Cosmopolitan Hotel (Las Vegas, NV) its new home as of October 2015. The conference is one of the largest live EM educational conferences in the world with over 2,000 attendees. The conference organizers, led by Dr. Paul Jhun, are again offering an amazing opportunity for U.S. EM residents to serve as an EEM Fellow for the next EEM conference in May 10-12, 2016. [+]

Top 5 Reasons to Join the ALiEM Fellowship Incubator: The “Fincubator”

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We are thrilled to announce our newest project in the Incubator series, the ALiEM Fellowship Incubator! Modeled after and building on lessons learned from the Chief Resident Incubator, the “Fincubator” is aimed at all Fellows in Emergency Medicine, regardless of what subspecialty they are pursuing, with the goals of promoting mentorship, scholarship, and innovation. [+]

I am Dr. Philippe Ouellet, Emergency Medicine Resident: How I Stay Healthy in EM

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Dr. Philippe Ouellet (@OuelletEM) is a 4th year emergency medicine resident from McGill University. Despite being in his 4th year, Dr. Ouellet has managed to fit wellness into the chaos of residency. Drawing from his mentors and other resources, Dr. Ouellet is constantly trying to find ways to optimize his time. His love for biking, not only keeps him active, but also keeps him mentally sound. Here’s how he stays healthy in emergency medicine! [+]

What is International Emergency Medicine?

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First and foremost, international emergency medicine (IEM) is a big tent. We’ve got clinicians with an interest in tropical medicine and trauma, systems experts, inventors, educators, missionary families, public health experts, thrill-seekers, and policymakers. A disaster response specialist who has a “go bag” packed at all times ready for deployment belongs in this tent, as does an epidemiologist based in the U.S. who analyzes data on cholera outbreaks in refugee camps. Because it’s a relatively new specialty there is the occasional squabble about what does and does not constitute IEM, but generally we agree that we are working together to [+]

ALiEM Faculty Incubator: Top 5 reasons we are excited about this opportunity for educator-scholars

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There is a great need for faculty development, also known as professional development, in medicine and more specifically medical education. A recent JGME publication advocates for more online opportunities for faculty to join digital communities of practice and communities of inquiry to harness the power of experts and mentors worldwide [free PDF]. With our recent successes with the Chief Resident Incubator, which includes over 170 EM chief residents in North America, it was only a natural evolution for us to build a faculty-based incubator. Thus we are proud and excited to announce that applications are now open for the new [+]