Wellness and Resiliency During Residency: Life happens despite your best plans

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When I got back home from taking [my board exams], having all these [negative] feelings swirling through my head, I remember driving up and seeing my wife and baby sitting on the porch and suddenly being like, “Isn’t this what life is all about? Is it really about studying for an exam? Is it really about pushing yourself to get triple-boarded or do this or that within medicine? I mean, isn’t THIS what it’s about? Having a wife and a child, a family to call your own, aren’t these the things that are most important that we should value?” After [+]

I am Dr. Heather Farley, Director of Provider Wellbeing: How I Stay Healthy in EM

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Dr. Heather Farley is an emergency physician from Newark, DE. She has the unique position of being the Director of Provider Wellbeing at the Institute for Learning Leadership and Development (iLEAD). Dr. Farley is definitely a champion of wellness. From staying active, to eating healthy, and ensuring she makes time for herself, she definitely makes wellness a priority. Her attitude of trying new things and always challenging herself, is something we should all try! Here’s how she stays healthy in EM! [+]

Winner of EEM Education Fellowship Contest: Dr. Moises Gallegos

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After receiving numerous high-quality submissions, we are proud to announce the winner of the 2017 Essentials of Emergency Medicine (EEM) Education Fellowship Contest as Dr. Moises Gallegos from the Baylor Emergency Medicine residency program. His winning blog post is featured today on the pearls and pitfalls of epistaxis management. We look forward to seeing him in person in Las Vegas in May 2017 at the 3-day event as well as the Resident Wellness Consensus Summit preday. [+]

I am Dr. James Willis, Associate Residency Director: How I Stay Healthy in EM

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Dr. James Willis is an emergency physician practicing in Brooklyn, NY. Being the Associate Residency Director, he enjoys diving into the educational aspect of his portfolio, while keeping up with his clinical work. For Dr. Willis, maintaining balance is key. So when he’s not working, he’s enjoying time with is family and playing with his son. Here’s how he stays healthy in EM! [+]

I am Dr. Michael Epter: How I Promote Wellness in EM

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Promoting the wellness and resilience of his residents and colleagues is a passion for Dr. Michael Epter. He has become a leading spokesperson on the topic within the residency leadership community. With over a decade of experience as a program director, as well as the challenges he worked through caring for twins born at 24 weeks, he has plenty of wisdom and insight to share on how we can help promote wellness in EM! [+]

Calling all EM residents: Join the Resident Wellness Consensus Summit!

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It seems that the 2017 year is quickly shaping up to be one of grassroots action both politically and now in emergency medicine (EM). On May 15, 2017, we are launching a joint initiative FOR residents BY residents with Essentials of EM, EM Residents’ Association (EMRA), and the Wellness Think Tank. This event will serve to not only help centralize the conversations about wellness and resiliency, but identify some actionable items and build toolkits to help chip away at this towering problem. Deadline to sign up: March 31, 2017. Join us! [+]

Highlights from Second Annual EM Wellness Week

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The second annual Emergency Wellness Week is coming to a close. This week we featured wellness initiatives that you can use to boost wellness in your emergency department, talked about the importance of debriefing, talked to the White Coat Investor about financial wellness, and shared ways to improve wellness in just 30 minutes! Through the collaboration of ALiEM, The Wellness Think Tank, ACEP, CAEP, HippoEM, and CanadiEM- we hope that you have learned some techniques to improve your own wellness and that you will carry some of the techniques with you through the rest of the year! [+]

Winners of the 2017 EBSCO Health/DynaMed Plus Wellness Grant

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Members of the 2016-17 ALiEM Chief Resident Incubator recently submitted proposals for the highly coveted 2017 EBSCO Health/DynaMed Plus Wellness Grant to improve residency wellness in emergency medicine. We are excited to announce the winners of the $1000 and $500 grant! [+]

Wellness and Resiliency During Residency: Debriefing Critical Incidents and podcast

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“One of the residents that I was working with was yelled at once by somebody else because he had cried while giving a family bad news. I think everyone knows when you’re giving them bad news; it’s not like a big secret. You maintaining a great deal of composure doesn’t change that fact. I think that we’re allowed to be human. If we force ourselves not to be human or have any degree of human emotion, that’s obviously not putting us on the path to wellness and certainly if we force other people not to be human that’s not putting [+]

Jumpstart Your Wellness: Inspiring Residency Initiatives

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Welcome to Day #2 of Emergency Medicine Wellness Week! Jump starting wellness may seem intimidating when taken as a generic and ambiguous term, much like “the cloud.” So, where to start? How do you tackle such a big issue? [+]

William Denq, MD CAQ-SM

William Denq, MD CAQ-SM

Assistant Professor
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Arizona