medic series book 5

This is a bittersweet moment for the MEdIC Editorial team – the launch of our 5th and final volume of our Medical Education in Cases ebook. We are very excited to showcase the compilation of our final season and hope that it serves you well as you all look to expand your online learning and teaching resources during this incredible time in medical history. We hope that you, your colleagues, and the greater FOAMed community enjoy this collaborative collection of high-quality cases and curated online commentary centered on educational, ethical, and professionalism-based quandaries. Your support, contributions, and enthusiasm for the MEdIC series over the years is greatly appreciated!


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As you all likely know, volume 5 was the finale for the MEdIC series, but certainly not the end for new educational content. Particularly now, during these challenging times, as we navigate our new clinical and educational environments, the ALiEM team continues to innovate, engage the masses and create a stronger online community of practice! It is inspiring how our community has really pulled together and has demonstrated the very best of the human spirit during the darkest days. We thank you all for your tremendous efforts and look to the future with a positive and hopeful mindset.


Tamara McColl on behalf of the
The MEdIC Editorial Team

If you missed the launch of previous MEdIC volumes: Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, and Volume 4.

Tamara McColl, MD FRCPC

Tamara McColl, MD FRCPC

Associate Editor, ALiEM MEdIC Series
Emergency Physician, St. Boniface Hospital, WRHA
Academic Lead, Educational Scholarship
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Manitoba