Question MarkIn our effort to take the Paucis verbis (PV) card series to the next level, we are interested in knowing how YOU use the cards.  We would appreciate your answers to the following 4 questions. Also if you have any comments/suggestions regarding the PV cards and how we can make them better please, use the Comments section.


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We would love to hear any feedback you might have on the PV Card series. Think big, think creatively, and reimagine this series to meet the needs of the educator and bedside practitioner. Drop us a comment below. Thanks!

Catherine Patocka, MD MHPE

Catherine Patocka, MD MHPE

ALiEM-AgileMD Education Design Fellow
Clinical Lecturer
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine
Jeremy Voros, MD

Jeremy Voros, MD

ALiEM Cards Lead Developer
2015-16 ALiEM-AgileMD Design Fellow
Attending Physician
St. Mark's Hospital
Salt Lake City, UT