Gabe Sudario PreceptingAs we transition into the new academic year, rising senior residents and new attendings will face a difficult challenge: precepting a medical student or a new intern. Teaching in the Emergency Department is unique because it must be fast, efficient, and adaptable to the many different parts of our clinical practice. We are often trying to balance multiple patients in systems with numerous barriers, thus adding the responsibility of teaching can seem overwhelming.

Congrats to Dr. Gabe Sudario for this PV card, which was the winning entry for ALiEM’s 2015 Essentials of EM Fellowship contest!

The One Minute Preceptor

If you find yourself as a new preceptor, having a go-to framework for teaching can be invaluable. The “One Minute Preceptor” model was developed 1992 by Neher and colleagues.1 It is a simple and efficient model to frame your teaching. The OMP model is rated by preceptors as more efficient2; leads to improved quality and quantity of feedback3; and enhances resident teaching confidence and effectiveness.4

Below is a PV card that gives the basic framework, which can be remembered using the NERDS mnemonic, along with examples on how to incorporate it into your practice.

Adapted from 1,5


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Gabe Sudario, MD

Gabe Sudario, MD

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