patella alta

A 27-year-old female presents with left knee pain after a low-speed motor vehicle collision in which her knee hit the dashboard. She is tender over the patella without significant effusion and has an intact extensor mechanism. The above x-ray was obtained (Image 1. X-ray left knee. Case courtesy of Dr. M. Mourits,, rID: 14476). 



Patella alta, which in this case is a congenital/developmental abnormality not caused by the recent trauma.

  • Pearl: Patella alta is diagnosed using the Insall-Salvati ratio, which compares the length of the patellar tendon to the pole-to-pole length of the patella (Image 2). A normal ratio (Tendon/Patella) is 0.8-1.2, with anything greater indicating patella alta and anything less patella baja.

Image 2. Insall-Salvatti ratio. Case courtesy of Dr. Wael Nemattalla,, rID: 10329

A patellar tendon rupture can present with the same finding, as the ruptured tendon allows the patella to move proximally (Image 3).

Patella tendon rupture

Image 3. Ruptured patellar tendon – note the avulsed fragments at the inferior pole of the patella. Case courtesy of Assoc Prof Frank Gaillard,, rID: 7514

  • Pearl: To verify tendon integrity, an intact extensor mechanism, exhibited by a straight leg raise, and/or ultrasound can be used (Image 4).

Image 4. Intact patellar tendon, courtesy of Joy English, MD

Due to its abnormal positioning, patients with patella alta are at an increased risk for recurrent dislocation, joint effusions, patellofemoral pain, and patellofemoral osteoarthritis [1,2].
Given an intact extensor mechanism and no other findings on exam, this patient likely suffered a contusion and can be made weight-bearing as tolerated and discharged with follow-up as needed. Surgical treatment is generally reserved for patients with severe symptoms.


Resources & References:

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