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Thus far, 2020 has been a year of catastrophic events, some surprising and others disappointingly predictable, and many people are struggling to navigate the chaos, to grasp at some semblance of a routine in the face of an unpredictable near future. Time has become a blur, a coalescence of unremarkable (yet unprecedented) moments.

What if we have the possibility to intentionally create these moments, for ourselves and those around us? What if, by reframing the way we view memory, experience, and time, we could be the powerful author of our own moments?

Welcome by The Leader’s Library Host Dr. Dina Wallin


Brief Synopsis of The Power of Moments

In The Power of Moments [Amazon], Chip and Dan Heath argue that defining moments, “meaningful experiences that stand out in our memory,” are born of at least one of 4 elements:

  1. Elevation
  2. Insight
  3. Pride
  4. Connection

By understanding these elements and shifting our focus from disaster mitigation or perfection to crushing one or more of the elements, we can create meaning from the mundane, convert the ordinary to extraordinary.

In this decidedly non-mundane or ordinary time, leaders in emergency medicine (EM) can benefit from this concept of “thinking in moments” to revolutionize how we approach patient care, education, and systems administration. Regardless of practice setting, location, or role, concepts in this book are relevant to all of us.

Want to join other leaders (and future leaders!) in EM to discuss this book, and generate strategies to apply its content to a career in EM? Curious about how a book authored by business people and full of examples from the business world could apply to what we do? Come join us for the fourth iteration of The Leader’s Library— let’s create some moments together!

Book club discussion group

  • When: September 22-24, 2020*
  • Platform: Slack app
  • Size: 40 registrants

* The Leader’s Library is conducted asynchronously via Slack. You can decide when to jump in, and for how long.

Signup process

  • Deadline to sign up: September 9, 2020
  • Submit your interest form with your contact information.
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  • Felix Ankel, MD: Emergency Physician, Regions Hospital; Medical Director, Education HealthPartners Institute, Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Minnesota Medical School
  • Joseph Brown, MD: Director of Continuing Education, Medical College of Wisconsin
  • Nikita Joshi, MD: Emergency Department Medical Director, Alameda County Medical Center; Interim Vice Chief of Staff Committee Member, Alameda Health System, Oakland, California
  • Jessie Nelson, MD: Emergency Physician, Regions Hospital; Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis
  • Dimitri Papanagnou, MD, MPH, RDMS, RDCS, CHSE: Vice Chair for Education, Department of Emergency Medicine; Assistant Dean for Faculty Development, Thomas Jefferson University
  • Dina Wallin, MD: Assistant Medical Director of PEM, San Francisco General Hospital; director of didactics, UCSF-SFGH EM residency, San Francisco, California


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Dina Wallin, MD

Dina Wallin, MD

ALiEM Series Editor, The Leader's Library
Co-Medical Director of Pediatric Emergency Medicine,
Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital;
Director of Didactics, SFGH-UCSF Emergency Medicine Residency;
Assistant Clinical Professor of Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics,
University of California San Francisco