ebsco health/dynamed plus wellness grant with the ALiEM Chief Resident IncubatorMembers of the 2016-17 ALiEM Chief Resident Incubator recently submitted proposals for the highly coveted 2017 EBSCO Health/DynaMed Plus Wellness Grant to improve residency wellness in emergency medicine. We are excited to announce the winners of the $1000 and $500 grant!

$1000 Wellness Grant Winner!!

The team from Western Michigan University put together a wellness plan with the aim to bring together the 60 residents in their program. Led by chief resident Dr. Elizabeth Arnall, their goal was to “share ideas, support and challenge themselves to grow in new ways, and make taking care of themselves a priority.” They put together a 10-day Wellness Challenge using Scavify, a mobile app, to host daily challenges and tasks to promote wellness. Residents would complete these tasks to earn points towards gift cards to local, health- minded businesses.

$500 Wellness Grant Winner!!

Led by senior resident Dr. Robert Goodnough and chief resident Dr. Christian Rose, the residents at UCSF created a wellness proposal that aims to improve resident wellness through therapeutic writing and planned workshops using medical narratives.

Nicole Battaglioli, MD

Nicole Battaglioli, MD

Champion, 2016-17 ALiEM Chief Resident Incubator Chief Operating Officer, 2016-19 ALiEM Wellness Think Tank Assistant Professor of EM University of Kentucky
Nicole Battaglioli, MD


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