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MEdIC Series: The Case of the Fibbing First Year – Expert Review and Curated Commentary


MEdIC SeriesThe Case of the Fibbing First Year outlined a scenario where a first year resident fibs about the history he just completed. What did the ALiEM community think of this case? This month the MEdIC team (Brent Thoma, Sarah Luckett-Gatopoulos, Tamara McColl, Eve Purdy, John Eicken, and Teresa Chan), hosted a MEdIC series discussion around this issue with insights from the ALiEM community. We are proud to present to you the Curated Community Commentary and our 3 expert opinions. Thank-you to all our participants for contributing to the very rich discussions last week.

MEdIC Series

This follow-up post includes:

  • Posts by our solicited expert respondents:
    • Andrew Eyre, MD is a current Brigham and Women’s emergency medicine fellow in medical education and simulation.
    • Alex Sheng, MD is an assistant program director at Boston Medical Centre Program. He is interested in graduate medical education and imaging utilization in the emergency department.
    • Dimitrios Papanagnou, MD, MPH, EdD(c) is the Vice Chair for Education in the Department of Emergency Medicine and the Assistant Dean, Faculty Development at the Sidney Kimmel Medical College associated with Thomas Jefferson University.
  • A summary of insights from the ALiEM community derived from the Twitter and blog discussions
  • Freely downloadable PDF versions of the case and expert responses for use in continuing medical education activities
Expert response 1: A Learner’s Perspective on 'Fibbing'
Expert response 2: Why 'fib'?
Expert response 3: Two sides of the Coin: Student vs. Teacher
The Case of the Fibbing First Year: Curated from the community

Case and Responses for Download

Click Here (or on the picture below) to download the case and responses as a PDF (756 kb).


Teresa Chan, MD
ALiEM Associate Editor
Emergency Physician, Hamilton
Assistant Professor, McMaster University
Ontario, Canada + Teresa Chan