Ankle and Hindfoot Fractures Talar Neck Hawkins Classification IVOrthopedic fractures and injuries are commonly managed in the emergency department. Often a quick bedside reference card is needed to remind the clinician about the acute management and follow-up instructions. Thanks to the efforts of a 2015-16 ALiEM Chief Resident Incubator team, we are pleased to announce the first of these reference cards. Ankle and hindfoot fractures covered include ankle malleolar fractures, talus, and calcaneus fractures. These cards were expert reviewed by Dr. Scott Sherman, co-editor of the Emergency Orthopedics textbook and illustrations were created by Dr. Mary Haas.

PV Card: Ankle and Hindfoot Fractures

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Layla Abubshait, MD

Layla Abubshait, MD

Assistant Professor, University of Sharjah
Education Director, Emergency Medicine Department
Al-Qassimi Hospital
United Arab Emirates
Layla Abubshait, MD


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Michael Gottlieb, MD, RDMS

Michael Gottlieb, MD, RDMS

Emergency Ultrasound Director
Rush University Medical Center
Chief Academic Officer
ALiEM Faculty Incubator
Michael Gottlieb, MD, RDMS


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Mary Haas, MD

Mary Haas, MD

Clinical Instructor and Education Fellow
Assistant Program Director
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Michigan/Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital
Mary Haas, MD


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