SAEM research learning series

In this podcast episode of the SAEM Research Learning Series, Drs. Mary and Nate Haas interview Daren M. Beam, MD MS (Indiana University) talk about his research career. Listen to this episode which is chock full of practical pearls to help you get ahead with submitting a winning abstract for a scientific meeting or conference. As a bonus, you will also hear behind-the-scenes stories about how the PE Rule-out Criteria (PERC) rule came to be while he was a research coordinator before medical school. Did you know that it was originally nicknamed the “PE Pink Sheet”?

Podcast: How to turn your interest into research

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Take home points

  1. Follow the submission guidelines, specific to the target conference.
  2. Do not justify your hypothesis with a long-winded introduction.
  3. The majority of your abstract should focus on the Methods and Results sections.
  4. Do not overstate your conclusion.
  5. Remember the statistics.

Additional reading

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  2. Scientific Abstract Scoring System. Society of Academic Emergency Medicine, 2018.


Mary Haas, MD

Mary Haas, MD

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