aliem_soapboxWe are excited to announce our new podcast series, 60-Second Soapbox! Each episode, one lucky individual gets exactly 1 whole minute to present their rant-of-choice to the world. Any topic is on the table – clinical, academic, economic, or whatever else may interest an EM-centric audience. Don’t worry if your are microphone-shy. We will carefully remix your audio to add an extra splash of drama and excitement. Even more exciting, participants get to challenge 3 of their peers to stand on a soapbox of their own!

The first 3 episodes feature ALiEM team members Drs. Michelle Lin, Sam Shaikh, and Jeff Riddell. There are a few extra tagged individuals to help get things rolling. If you like these, subscribe using any of these podcast options:


Dr. Michelle Lin
Editor-in-Chief, ALiEM
UCSF Academy Endowed Chair in Emergency Medicine Education


  • Mike Abernethy
  • Kavita Babu
  • Shawna Bellew
  • Tom Bouthillet
  • Mike Callaham
  • Rich Cantor
  • Kristopher Maday
  • Amal Mattu
  • Ryan Radecki
  • Damian Roland
  • Ian Stiell
  • Mike Stone
  • Rob Vissers
  • The ALiEM Editorial Team


Gupta K, Hooton T, Naber K, et al. International clinical practice guidelines for the treatment of acute uncomplicated cystitis and pyelonephritis in women: A 2010 update by the Infectious Diseases Society of America and the European Society for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases. Clin Infect Dis. 2011;52(5):e103-20. [PubMed]


Dr. Sam Shaikh
Editor, 60-Second Soapbox
Chief Resident – DMC Sinai-Grace


  • Gloria Kuhn
  • Brian O’Neil
  • Mark Favot
  • Bram Dolcourt
  • Anne Messman
  • Prashant Mahajan
  • Andrew King
  • Tamara Augustine


Esposito T, Ingraham A, Luchette F, et al. Reasons to omit digital rectal exam in trauma patients: no fingers, no rectum, no useful additional information. J Trauma. 2005;59(6):1314-1319. [PubMed]
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Dr. Jeff Riddell
Editor, Diagnose on Sight series
Medical Education Fellow, University of Washington


  • Kenny Banh
  • Fiona Gallahue
  • Stuart Swadron


Park S, Lee S, Chen Y. The effects of EMR deployment on doctors’ work practices: a qualitative study in the emergency department of a teaching hospital. Int J Med Inform. 2012;81(3):204-217. [PubMed]
Neri P, Redden L, Poole S, et al. Emergency medicine resident physicians’ perceptions of electronic documentation and workflow: a mixed methods study. Appl Clin Inform. 2015;6(1):27-41. [PubMed]
Sam Shaikh, DO

Sam Shaikh, DO

Editor, 60-Second Soapbox series
Assistant Clinical Professor, Rocky Vista University
Clinical Instructor, University of Colorado School of Medicine
2014-15 ALiEM-CORD Social Media and Digital Scholarship Fellow
Sam Shaikh, DO


Emergency Medicine Physician & Electronic Music Producer from Colorado Springs. Tweets are for educational purposes only and are not medical advice #FOAM