annual report 2016Each year we’ve generated this report we’ve been flabbergasted by how much our team continues to grow and develop. This year is no different. January is the time that the ALiEM team tends to take a step back and reflect about where we have been and where we are hoping to go!

2016 has been an incredible year. The breadth and depth of our team’s work has increased, and we have seen the launch of many new innovations and projects. Under the leadership of Dr. Michelle Lin, the ALiEM team has grown to become an international organization with over 80 volunteers all helping to not only write for the blog (such as the new IDEA series), but also to create new projects like our Faculty Incubator (affectionately known as the “Facubator”), the Fellowship Incubator (“Fincubator”), and the Wellness Think Tank.

Year of Continued Growth

This year has also been a big year for expansion of established projects. Our ALiEMU learning management platform continues to grow, and we’ve shifted our ALiEM AIR and ALiEM AIR Pro series there so that we can better facilitate the individualized learning of residents across the country. The Ultrasound for the Win seriesMEdIC series, and CRincubator have both launched new books this past year via ALiEM Press. Our Chief Resident Incubator (or as we like to call it “CRincubator”) is rounding out its second very successful year.

Thanks to the leadership of our project leads who helped to write this annual report. We hope that this report helps to update our audience and volunteers on all that has gone on this past year.

ALiEM 2016 Annual Report

Table of Contents

  1. Letter from our CEO
  2. Letter from our CTO
  3. 2016 in Numbers
  4. ALiEM Awards 2016
  5. ALIEM Logos

The Team

  1. Message from our ALiEM Chief People Officer
  2. Message from our ALiEM Senior Advisor
  3. Team Members
  4. Partnerships

Clinical Content

  1. ALiEMU
  2. ALiEM’s Peer Review Process
    1. Capsules
    2. ALiEM AIR
    3. ALiEM AIR Pro
  3. Ultrasound For the Win (#US4TW)
  4. In-Training Exam Prep Book
  5. ALiEM Cards (formerly PV Cards)
  6. ALiEM Podcasts
  7. 60 Second Soap Box


  1. ALiEM Book Club
  2. Healthy in EM


  1. Medical Education in Cases Series (MEdiC series)
  2. IDEA Series
  3. EM Match Advice Speakers Club
  4. ALiEM Elective Experience
  5. Scholarly Pursuits

Virtual Communities of Practice

  1. Chief Resident Incubator
  2. Fellowship Incubator
  3. Faculty Incubator
  4. Wellness Think Tank

ALiEM 2016 Annual Report (PDF)

Teresa Chan, MD, MHPE
ALiEM Associate Editor
Emergency Physician, Hamilton
Associate Professor, McMaster University
Assistant Dean, Program for Faculty Development, McMaster University Ontario, Canada
Teresa Chan, MD, MHPE


ERDoc. #meded #FOAMed Own views expressed. Contributor to @ALiEMteam, @WeAreCanadiEM, ICE Blog, #FeminEM. @MedEdLIFE founder. Works @McMasterU & @HamHealthSci
Scott Kobner
Medical Student
New York University School of Medicine
2014-15 ALiEM-EMRA Social Media and Digital Scholarship Fellow
Nikita Joshi, MD

Nikita Joshi, MD

ALiEM Chief People Officer and Associate Editor
Clinical Instructor
Department of Emergency Medicine
Stanford University
Nikita Joshi, MD


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