We are thrilled to launch the ALiEMU In-Training Exam Prep Course! These 250 multiple-choice questions derive from the ALiEM In-Training Exam Prep Book, a project launched from the 2016-17 Chief Resident Incubator. Led initially by editors Dr. Michael Gottlieb, Dr. Dorothy Habrat, Dr. Margaret Sheehy, Dr. Samuel Zidovetsky, and Dr. Adaira Chou in the first edition, we are now in the updated second edition with editors Dr. Michael Gottlieb, Dr. Rochelle Zarzar, and Philippe Bierny. This content is now available as 50 sets of 5 questions, free on ALiEMU, and just in time for the upcoming exam!

Update February 22, 2018

150 New Questions Added to the Course

We added 150 new questions to the ITE Prep course! Just like the first set of 250 questions, these are board-style questions and reviewed by our editors for accuracy and relevance. This brings our total to 400 free ITE prep questions for your review, just in time for the upcoming exam. Good luck!


ALiEMU is ALiEM’s separate learning management system that allows users and educators to track course and quiz completion. It is home to the AIR, AIR-Pro, and Capsules series, which are e-courses and content for anyone practicing Emergency Medicine. After completing a module, many U.S. EM residency programs now offer Individualized Interactive Instruction (III) credit in lieu of conference attendance.

Newest ALiEM Course: ITE Prep

The ITE Prep course is the latest online content to reach ALiEMU. It presents learners with 250 board-style questions, submitted by residents and faculty from around the country, crowdsourced through the Incubator and the Council of EM Residency Directors (CORD) listserv. Editors reviewed each submission for accuracy and relevance to exam prep, and only the highest quality were published as question sets. Each question offers a referenced explanation that expands upon the answer choices.


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We are proud to present a course that aligns with ALiEM’s mission to provide free open-access resources, and an alternative or additional resource to expensive question sets. We are constantly striving to improve these resources, and welcome all feedback. Most importantly, good luck to our resident-readers on the 2018 ITE!

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