wellness think tankThis is a call to action for residents who have the creativity and passion to make life better for all trainees. The 2017 Wellness Think Tank survey of more than 1,500 EM residents found that, on average, 15 out of every 16 residents are struggling with burnout. It’s time to change that! We are looking for motivated residents to be a part of a one-of-a-kind grassroots movement to create a better and more sustainable culture within Emergency Medicine. Apply to join the 2018 Wellness Think Tank today!

What’s so special about the Wellness Think Tank?

There are many organizations out there addressing the lack of wellness in Emergency Medicine. One critical missing voice in these conversations is the voice of the resident. The Wellness Think Tank is the only organization with the core mission of giving residents a platform on which to stand up and take charge of their future. We truly contribute to the conversation and take action about improving physician wellness and resilience from the “ground up.”

Read more about the 2017 accomplishments on the Wellness Think Tank home page.

What will I actually be doing if I join the Think Tank?

As part of the Wellness Think Tank, we will help YOU find your voice and to create wellness for residents in the way that you think matters the most. You will be focusing on action-based plans in the forms of curricular design, discussion-generating blog posts, podcasts, toolkits, and peer-reviewed publications. As part of the Think Tank, you will have opportunities for creativity and innovation, including:

  • Developing and implementing a wellness project tailor-made for your own residency program
  • Meeting and getting involved with wellness strategists and thought leaders in physician wellness
  • Being part of multicenter studies researching the best way to educate residents about wellness
  • Collaborating with ACEP and other national and international groups as part of the 2018 EM Wellness Week
  • Advising other residents and programs when they run into difficult situations and need a different and unique perspective on issues related to resident wellness
  • Joining a Speakers Club that will help you to cultivate the skills necessary to deliver educational talks on wellness subjects
  • Creating blog posts on important topics for ALiEM community
  • Being part of the planning process for the ALiEM + Essentials of EM Resilience Training for Residents at the EEM Conference in May 2018 in Las Vegas

I’m interested! Am I eligible to join?

For the 2018 Wellness Think Tank, we are recruiting 100 EM resident representatives from residency programs in the United States and Canada. Because the current Wellness Think Tank season will span all of 2018, we highly encourage junior residents to apply but will consider all applications!

How much does it cost?

Membership is free!

How do I apply?

Fill out the online application. In addition to providing general contact information, you will need to upload:

  1. A brief personal statement
  2. A letter of recommendation

Membership Selection Criteria

We are looking for motivated, involved residents who want to make an impact in the field of Emergency Medicine and at their residency programs. Residents will be selected for their enthusiasm, commitment to wellness, and their project ideas.

Deadline for applications:

February 5, 2018


We wish to thank our exclusive sponsor US Acute Care Solutions (USACS), who share our passion about improving physician wellness and resilience.

Want to learn more about Wellness Think Tank?

Read about what we accomplished in 2017 and more about our 2018 plans at the Wellness Think Tank home page.

Jon Smart, MD

Jon Smart, MD

Emergency Medicine Resident
Department of Emergency Medicine
University of Texas Health San Antonio
Nicole Battaglioli, MD

Nicole Battaglioli, MD

Champion, 2016-17 ALiEM Chief Resident Incubator Chief Operating Officer, 2016-19 ALiEM Wellness Think Tank Assistant Professor of EM University of Kentucky
Nicole Battaglioli, MD


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Arlene Chung, MD

Arlene Chung, MD

Chief Strategy Officer,
2016-17 ALiEM Wellness Think Tank
Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine
Assistant Program Director
Mount Sinai Emergency Medicine Residency
Editor, AKOSMED (EM wellness blog)
Arlene Chung, MD


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