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HOT OFF THE PRESS: ALiEM MEdIC Series | Free e-Book

MEdIC CoverToday, the ALiEM team presented the Medical Education in Cases (MEdIC) Series to the world at the 2014 International Conference on Residency Education. Along with student-researcher Daneilla Dmitri, I represented the team to describe the digitally engaging and educationally grounded environment that we have created in our monthly MEdIC cases.  It was an honor to present our work at this international forum and to be featured as one of the Top 5 What Works presentations. In coordination with our presentation, we are releasing our first FREE MEdIC e-book!


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MEdIC Series | The Case of the Debriefing Debacle

Welcome back again this week to the Medical Education in Cases series.  Last month we had a record breaking number of people join us for the case discussion, and we hope you will come back and share your thoughts with this one.

This month’s case centers upon Dr. Berner and his student Melanie as they both go through a Cardiac Arrest case. Consider their story and think about how you might approach this case.


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MEdIC Series: The Case of the Backroom Blunder – Expert Review and Curated Commentary

website cpr image 2The Case of the Backroom Blunder presented us with an interesting scenario that riveted readers across the globe.  In this case, Trevor the medical student overhears the conversation of two of his senior colleagues discussing and laughing about a recent resuscitation.  The senior members of the team used terms like ‘frequent flyer’, ‘red underpants’, which greatly upsets Trevor.  In his opinion: “A caring doctor would never talk like that. And the slang? That’s just awful.”  What did the ALiEM community think of this case?  Well, read on to gleam the summaries, or go directly to the blog discussion to read what people wrote!


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MEdIC Series | The Case of the Backroom Blunder

Are you ready??website cpr image 2 Season 2 of the ALiEM MEdIC series is about to begin! We are so excited to kick off the ‘school year’ with a riveting new case from our Medical Education in Cases series.

Join us now to discuss the case of the Backroom Blunder wherein Trevor, the 3rd year medical student, finds himself reflecting about the use of humor by his colleagues in the resuscitation bay.


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MEdIC Series: Season 1 Annual Review

medic documentDear MEdIC readers: It’s been quite a whirlwind this year for the MEdIC team, and we’re so excited to announce that we’re taking a (much needed) summer hiatus this month to refresh. Tune in when we start “season 2” in late September!

In an effort to continually improve the series, we would love to invite you to participate in our first annual audience evaluation of the MEdIC series. We want to make sure we always strive to meet the needs of our audience, and we would like you to help us by telling us about how you’ve experienced or used MEdIC this year.  Please share a bit about your experience in the following form.


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MEdIC Series: The Case of the Absentee Audience – Expert & Community Commentary

MEdIC SeriesThis month for the ALiEM MEdIC Series, we presented the Case of the Absentee Audience, which depicts a lecturer who experienced a particularly challenging problem with her audience – absenteeism. Her audience was both physically and mentally absent, and as such, the cause of much frustration. In keeping with our mandate with the MEdIC Series, we launched this case last week and waited for the crowd to speak up and help us solve the case. (And boy, did they EVER!) We also asked two esteemed colleagues to prepare some expert consultations on the case. Continue reading to see what everyone had to say.


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MEdIC Series | The Case of the Absentee Audience

LLSAslideHave you ever been at a lecture where the audience didn’t seem in ‘sync’ with the speaker?  Or perhaps as a junior presenter, some of you may have been at a lecture or two that just didn’t seem to work. This month, we ask you to advise Dr. Xiu, a presenter who is experiencing this exact problem. Come out and discuss the Case of the Absentee Audience.


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