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MEdIC Series | The Case of the Justified Junior

TeachingChan190“With great power comes great responsibility…”  – Stan Lee

‘Tis the season of transitions.  This summer marks the annual promotion day for most medical professionals.  We transition between junior to senior, from clerk to resident, from resident to new attending.  And with this comes increased responsibilities, including teaching.

This month, we ask you to come and help us think through a difficult situation that might occur between various levels of learners and supervisors.


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MEdIC Series: The Case of the Humorous Humerus – Expert Review and Curated Commentary

The Case of the Not-So-Humorous Humerus presented an attending faced with a patient complaint about a resident. This is a situation that all of us will almost certainly be faced with at one point or another and there is no easy way to address it. This month we asked you to tell us how you would approach this difficult conversation to successfully determine what the problem was and how it should be addressed.


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MEdIC Series: The Case of the Culture Clash

downloadOur hospitals are abound with international citizens who travel across the globe to learn about medicine. Frequently, individuals complete some aspect of their training in another country, bringing with them their own cultural perspectives. This month in the MEdIC Series, we invite you to discuss a case of culture clash and how consider how our learners’ backgrounds can affect their medical education. Join Mary in her tribulations as she considers how to approach the very different styles of her learners: Jane, Irina, and Shamila.


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MEdIC Series: The Case of the Terrible Teammate

fingerWorkplace conflict can take place in many forms. Both clinical and administrative work can result in interpersonal conflict that causes frustrations which lead to a downward spiral of increasingly intense and adversarial working environments. This month in the MEdIC Series, we present the case of Sarah, a co-chief resident who is having a disagreement with her colleague David over an administrative issue. We invite you to share your thoughts and advice below.


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ALiEM-Annals of EM Journal Club: Clinical Decision Rule for Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

We are very excited this month to bring you our second Global Journal Club, co-hosted by the team here at ALiEM and the editorial board at the Annals of Emergency Medicine. This month, we are changing things up! We will be providing you, our readers, with a clinical vignette and related journal club questions today at the beginning of the week.The discussion will be held asynchronously starting today through Thursday (for 4 days). Respond by blog comment below or tweet (#ALiEMJC).

On Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at 11 am PST (2 pm EST), we will be hosting a 30-minute live Google Hangout with Drs. Jeff Perry and Ian Stiell. The video will be embedded on this page. During this period, you will be able to tweet by using the #ALiEMJC hashtag and post comment in the blog comment section below.


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MEdIC Series: The Case of the Magnificent Mentor – Expert and Community Response

Thank you pictureThe Case of the Magnificent Mentor outlined a common dilemma that is likely to occur with most protégés: How does one thanks his/her mentor for all their help over the years?  During this time of the year, as we look towards a new year, Brent Thoma (@Brent_Thoma) and I (@Teresa Chan) thought we would engage our readership in a bit of reflection about those who have got us to where we are today. (NB from TC & BT:  And yes, we know, this is 100% cheesy and holiday fluff – but we felt like doing something a bit more in keeping with the holiday spirit.


ALiEM Bookclub: Hanging Out with author Sheri Fink

This past week, we’ve hosted a discussion for our book club on “Five Days at Memorial”. First off, thank-you to everyone who has contributed!  But now we have a special surprise.

Two months ago we had Shawn Achor tweeting with us… and now we have a Google Hangout On Air with Sheri Fink MD PhD (@SheriFink), the author of the ALiEM Book Club selection this month!  Not only is Sheri an award winning journalist, who has written an amazing book – she’s also a really nice lady who was happy to chat with us for 40 minutes about her latest work (technical glitches and all)!


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