Ultrasound for the Win! is a clinical case series led by Dr. Jeffrey Shih (@jshihmd) based on real Emergency Department cases where point-of-care ultrasound aided in the diagnosis or changed the management of a patient’s care.

This case series has been developed as a self-learning tool for students or residents that can be used as part of a curriculum in Emergency Medicine. The case-based format begins with a set of Learning Objectives and encourages the reader to develop a differential diagnosis after the presentation of a patient’s chief complaint and physical examination.

As the case progresses, ultrasound cineloops and images that were obtained at the bedside from real patients are showcased, which immerses the learner and brings the case to life. A Quality Assurance (QA) of the ultrasound clips are detailed, providing tips and techniques on improving image acquisition. Alongside the images, a detailed description and review of the current literature is discussed, and the reader learns how point-of-care ultrasound can narrow down the differential or provide a diagnosis, thus improving and expediting patient care. Finally, Take-Home Points are highlighted to reinforce important concepts and refer back to the case’s initial Learning Objectives.

Ultrasound for the Win! Emergency Medicine Cases: Volume 1 Book

The Ultrasound for the Win! book, available now on Amazon and the Apple iBooks Store is a compilation of real ultrasound cases that have been featured on the Ultrasound for the Win! Series. The cases highlight several interesting and often surprising findings seen on point-of-care ultrasound that may have otherwise been missed!

The paperback book and interactive e-book is geared towards anyone interested in learning more about point-of-care ultrasound, including medical students, residents, pre-hospital personnel, and physicians. It features Expert Peer-Review by physician leaders in the field of Point-of-Care Ultrasound including Dr. Chris Moore, Dr. Mike Mallin, Dr. Resa Lewiss, Dr. Mike Stone, and many more!

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List of Ultrasound for the Win! Cases:

Ultrasound For The Win! Case – 93F with Chest Pain

Welcome to another ultrasound-based clinical case, part of the “Ultrasound For The Win!” (#US4TW) Case Series! In this peer-reviewed case series, we focus on real clinical cases where bedside ultrasound changed the management or aided in diagnoses. In this month’s case, a 93-year-old female presents to the Emergency Department with crushing chest pain.


US4TW Case: 30M with Blunt Abdominal Trauma

Welcome to another ultrasound-based case, part of the “Ultrasound For The Win!” (#US4TW) Case Series. In this peer-reviewed case series, we focus on real clinical cases where bedside ultrasound changed management or aided in diagnoses. In today’s case, a 30-year-old male is brought in after blunt trauma from a high-speed MVC.


US4TW Case: 28F with Shortness of Breath

Welcome to the inaugural post for an exciting new ultrasound-based case series called “Ultrasound For The Win!” (#US4TW). In this peer-reviewed case series, we will focus on real clinical cases where bedside ultrasound changed the management or aided in the diagnosis. In our first case, we present a 28-year-old female with shortness of breath.


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