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Education Theory Made Practical Series | An ALiEM Faculty Incubator Project 2017-09-15T19:09:29+00:00

Education Theory Made Practical Series
An ALiEM Faculty Incubator Project


As part of the ALiEM Faculty Incubator program, teams of 2-3 incubator participants authored a primer on a key education theory, practically linking the abstract to practical scenarios.  These posts are being serialized on the International Clinician Educator (ICE) blog, as a joint collaboration with ALiEM. We have published our first e-book compendium of this blog series.

Over the course of 10 weeks, we have posted each of posts within this series (see below for links), and asked the ICE community to join us in a peer review process.  We would now also like to invite the #FOAMed community to join us in doing the same.

The posts will be added to the below docket.

Your Mission if you Choose to Accept it:

As a member of the #FOAMed community, we would like to invite you to peer review each post.

Using your comments we will refine each primer. No suggestion is too big or small – we want to know what was missed or misrepresented. Whether you notice a spelling or grammatical mistake, or want to suggest a preferred case scenario that better demonstrates the theory, we welcome all feedback!

Final versions of each primer will be complied into a free ebook that we will share with the health professions education community. 

Read (and Comment) on the posts by clicking on the links below.  All Open Peer Review Feedback posted to ICE blog comments on these chapters will be incorporated into our e-book up until April 2, 2017.  The blog posts themselves will remain unchanged.




Check out our e-book (click here or on the picture below to go to our post about the e-book).

See the original VOLUME 1 Posts (2016-2017 Faculty Incubator Class Project) below:

Introduction to the Series (Posted January 26, 2017)

Chapter 1:  Modal Model of Memory (Posted January 27, 2017)

Chapter 2:  Naturalistic Decision Making (Posted February 3, 2017)

Chapter 3:  Communities of Practice (Posted February 10, 2017)

Chapter 4:  Emotional Intelligence (EQ)  (Posted February 17, 2017)

Chapter 5:  Social Constructivism (Posted February 24, 2017)

Chapter 6:  Reflective Practice (Posted March 3, 2017)

Chapter 7:  Self-Directed Learning (Posted March 10, 2017)

Chapter 8:  Bloom’s Taxonomy (Posted March 31, 2017)

Chapter 9:  Dual Process Reasoning (Posted April 7, 2017)

Chapter 10:  Games & Gamification (Posted April 14, 2017)