Fellowships doctors_solve_custom_text_puzzle_12406 copySubspecialty training within emergency medicine is increasingly becoming a popular route for those interested in pursuing an academic faculty position. This year, we will cover the ins-and-outs, nuts-and-bolts, and nuances for 3 fellowships available to EM residency graduates: Simulation, Toxicology, and Ultrasound. Modeled after the wildly successful EM Match Advice for medical students applying to residency, Dr. Mike Gisondi launches and hosts another successful series — the EM Fellowship Match Advice series.

Simulation Fellowship


  1. Teresa Wu, MD (University of Arizona)
  2. Sharon Griswold, MD MPH (Drexel University)
  3. Demian Szyld, MD EdM (NYSim)

Google Hangout Videocast

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  • 00:00  Introductions
  • 02:45  Why do a simulation fellowship (Wu)
  • 03:27  What types of simulation fellowship are there? (Wu)
  • 04:27  Where can potential applicants learn more about simulation and simulation fellowships? Is this centralized somewhere? Who are potential partners? (All)
  • 08:30 How many simulation fellowship are there? (All)
  • 11:34  How does one apply for the fellowships – the nuts and bolts (All)
  • 18:30  When should the application process start, since the positions are filled on a rolling basis? (All)
  • 20:50  Are there opportunities to meet with the simulation fellowship and leadership community? (All)
  • 22:30  How does an applicant look more competitive? (All)
  • 28:15  What does the interview day look like? What kind of questions should I be asking? (Griswold)
  • 32:48  What kind of hospital and medical center politics should simulation fellows be expected to encounter? Learn to embrace Dr. William McGaghie’s quote: “Functional diversity trumps talent all the time.” (All)
  • 40:55  What does the job market look like after finishing a simulation fellowship? (All)
  • 43:05  Tell us more about your respective fellowship programs (All)
  • 47:30  What simulation conferences and meetings are there that potential applicants can attend? (All)

Simulation Fellowship: Podcast Version

Recommended simulation resources/events

  1. Hot Topics in Simulation Education Annual Symposium (October 14, 2015)
  2. 2nd Annual Symposium for Fellows in Healthcare Simulation (April 11, 2016)
  3. Simulacion de Sur a Norte Podcast


  1. Stern S. Fellowship training: a necessity in today’s academic world. Acad Emerg Med. 2002 Jul;9(7):713-6. PubMed PMID: 12093713. [Free PDF]

Medical Toxicology Fellowship


  1. Binh Ly, MD (UC San Diego)
  2. Christopher Hoyte, MD (Denver)
  3. Robert Hendrickson, MD (OHSU)


[su_spoiler title=”Timestamps” style=”fancy” icon=”caret”]
  • 00:00  Introductions
  • 01:40  Why do a medical toxicology fellowship? (Ly)
  • 03:15  What does the medical toxicology fellowship structure look like? What do these fellowships cover? How many years? (Ly)
  • 13:35  What does the job market look like for toxicology fellowship graduates? What are diverse examples of the types of jobs available to them? (Hoyte)
  • 16:00  What does a typical week of a toxicologist look like? (Hoyte)
  • 18:35  Are there inpatient toxicology services and are there opportunities for fellows to rotate on these services? (Hoyte)
  • 20:25  How competitive is the job market for toxicology fellowship graduates? (Hoyte, Ly, Hendrickson)
  • 25:30  Share the nuts and bolts of the medical toxicology fellowship application process. To get started look at the American College of Medical Toxicology (ACMT) map of medical toxicology fellowships. (Hendrickson)
  • 30:20  Should fellowship applicants also apply for a Masters degree? If so, what are the scheduling logistics? (Hendrickson)
  • 34:55  What makes an interested applicant more competitive in the eyes of fellowship directors? (Ly, Hoyte, Hendrickson)
  • 45:30  What are questions that applicants should ask of fellowship training programs? (Hendrickson)
  • 49:00  The panelists share unique elements of their own medical toxicology fellowship programs (Hoyte, Ly, Hendrickson)

Emergency Ultrasound Fellowship


  1. J Christian Fox, MD (University of California, Irvine)
  2. Jeremy Boyd, MD (Vanderbilt University)
[su_spoiler title=”Timestamps” style=”fancy” icon=”caret”]
  • 00:00 Introductions
  • 01:10  Why do a fellowship (Fox)
  • 06:35  What’s the landscape and structure of emergency ultrasound fellowship? Should/will it be ACGME accredited? (Fox)
  • 10:25  Should ultrasound fellows obtain an RDMS certification? (Boyd, Fox)
  • 15:00  What does the job market looking like for current emergency ultrasound fellowship graduates? Academics positions? Community positions? Leadership positions? (Boyd, Fox)
  • 24:00  What does an Ultrasound Director do? What are his/her job responsibilities? (Boyd)
  • 27:35  What are the nuts and bolts of the ultrasound fellowship application process? (Fox)
  • 28:55  Do all fellowship positions get filled? How many are out there in the U.S.? (Fox)
  • 30:00  What is this EUS Fellowships website? (Fox)
  • 31:40  What is the application timeline look like? (Fox)
  • 32:25  What is the ultrasound match process like? Fellowship directors have agreed on November 19 as “no offer” date meaning that no one should expect a phone call offer until November 19th AM. (Fox)
  • 37:15  For applicants who want to pursue additional concurrent graduate degrees, how does one navigate the scheduling logistics given the November 19 “no offer” date? (Fox, Boyd)
  • 40:00  What makes an applicant competitive for ultrasound fellowships? (Boyd)
  • 45:45  What are red flags for the applicant? How does Dr. Fox scope out the interprofessional and interpersonal skills of the applicant? What kind of questions are asked during interview day? (Fox)
  • 51:40  What are tips for the applicant on interview day? What are red flags that would tip off the fact that the program might not be a good match for you? (Boyd)
  • 57:55  Are unfilled ultrasound fellowship positions a red flag for applicants? (Fox, Boyd)
  • 59:30  How do residents find mentors to give them guidance about ultrasound fellowships and clinical ultrasound learning? (Fox, Boyd)
  • 1:02:38 Tell us something we don’t know about UCI and Vanderbilt’s ultrasound fellowship program (Fox, Boyd)

Important Links

  1. Emergency Ultrasound Fellowships
  2. American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine
  3. Ultrasound Podcast
  4. Sonospot blog


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