em program directors reflect on 2024 matchDr. Sara Krzyzaniak (podcast host and Stanford University PD) and Dr. Michelle Lin (ALiEM Founder/UCSF) are joined by Dr. Abra Fant (Northwestern PD) in this discussion reflecting on the 2024 Match results, after last year’s shocking number of 500+ unfilled positions. Here are the 2024 relevant numbers for Emergency Medicine, as compared to prior years. In the following podcast, we run down the numbers and what they might mean for the future.

em 2024 match from nrmp competitive table

Match Fill Rates Across Specialties in 2024

 In 2023 Match, the number of unfilled positions was 554 for EM. This has been dramatically reduced to 135 in only one year, although still above previous counts of ≤30 before 2022. 

em 2024 match competitive numbers for other specialties

Episode 43: Reflecting on the 2024 Match


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Sara M. Krzyzaniak, MD, FACEP

Sara M. Krzyzaniak, MD, FACEP

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Chief Strategic Officer 2023-24,
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Michelle Lin, MD
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Michelle Lin, MD


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