em match advice series - episode 40 PD's reflect on 2023 match

The 2023 Emergency Medicine Match was an unprecedented year that took many of us in the education community by surprise. There were 132 (46%) EM residency programs with at least one unfilled PGY-1 position, and there were 554 (18.4%) overall unfilled EM positions. Dr. Sara Krzyzaniak (EM program director at Stanford) hosts this important episode with Dr. Michelle Lin (ALiEM/UCSF), reflecting on the whys, hows, and what nexts. Fortunately we have experts Dr. Abra Fant (Northwestern PD) and Dr. Richard Church (University of Massachusetts PD) to help us with a deeper dive and forecasting the future.

Episode 40: Reflections on 2023 Match

The Slide: How Competitive was the 2023 EM Match?

The Slide: EM Match 2023 and Historical Data

How Competitive Were Other Specialties in the 2023 Match?

EM Match Advice Competitive of Other Specialties 2023


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Sara M. Krzyzaniak, MD, FACEP


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