aspirin pillsPatients with acute salicylate toxicity can rapidly decompensate and require clinicians to understand the pathophysiology of what is going on. First a respiratory alkalosis occurs with non-specific symptoms of vomiting and dizziness. Then an anion-gap metabolic acidosis also occurs with headache, tinnitus, and confusion. Below lists the core set of labs to obtain and treatment strategies by our stellar ALiEM-CORD Social Media and Digital Scholarship Fellow, Dr. Sam Shaikh.

PV Card: Acute Salicylate Toxicity

The card was updated 6/5/15 to the following card following post-publication expert peer review:

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Sam Shaikh, DO

Sam Shaikh, DO

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Clinical Instructor, University of Colorado School of Medicine
2014-15 ALiEM-CORD Social Media and Digital Scholarship Fellow
Sam Shaikh, DO


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