Debriefings in medical simulation are meant to be the bow on top of the gift that is medical simulation. It is the ultimate delicious dessert, served after a grueling dinner course. All analogies aside, debriefings are meant to drive home the teaching points, to gain a deeper understanding of medical resuscitation as a group, and create mental frameworks of the approach to various patients. But this is often easier described than actually done. We here at ALiEM paired with Dr. Henry Curtis to come up with a creative way of developing debriefing skills and gain deeper understanding of mental frameworks.


We partnered with Dr. Henry Curtis and students from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco to film a resuscitation of a critically ill patient. We purposefully did not include any discussion or insight into the thought process of the doctor in the case. You are an observer of this simulated case.

Your challenge:

  1. Educators and Clinicians: Using the comment section below, YOU be the debriefer/ facilitator. Write a debriefing session that you would have with the learner. You pick the learner level. You pick the learning points.
  2. Learner: Using the comment section below, write out any question that may have come up while viewing the video or any area that you would want to learn more about.

We will explore the themes and common questions that come up from you.

End Credits

Thank you to our volunteer actors and crew! It indeed took a village.

  • Nikita Joshi, MD – lead physician
  • Dina Wallin, MD – patient
  • Amber Quelvog, RN – nurse
  • Max Ritzenberg, MD – paramedic
  • David Duong, MD – respiratory  therapist
  • Henry Curtis, MD – director, writer
  • Jordi Funtanet – director of photography
  • David Tw Yu – assistant director
  • Jingru Sun – editor
  • Albee Zhang – sound recordist
  • Yi Yu – production assistant
  • Eating Liang – gaffer
  • Jassy Jiang – book operator

simLIFE-EM Cast and Crew

Nikita Joshi, MD

Nikita Joshi, MD

ALiEM Chief People Officer and Associate Editor
Clinical Instructor
Department of Emergency Medicine
Stanford University
Nikita Joshi, MD


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