We are thrilled to announce our newest project in the Incubator series, the ALiEM Fellowship Incubator! Modeled after and building on lessons learned from the Chief Resident Incubator, the “Fincubator” is aimed at all Fellows in Emergency Medicine, regardless of what subspecialty they are pursuing, with the goals of promoting mentorship, scholarship, and innovation.

Why should you join the ALiEM Fellowship Incubator?

1. Mentorship opportunities

Plan on spending your time with some of Emergency Medicine’s most seasoned mentors, most brilliant educators, and most savvy academicians. In the Fincubator, we’ll have a new pair of Virtual Mentors every month, ready to guide you through your Fellowship year. They’re committed to providing resources, advice, and tips and tricks to help you transition from senior resident to a junior faculty and leader in Emergency Medicine. Plus, within each subspecialty Fellowship group, we’ll have a year-long mentor to support you through this formative time in your academic career. In addition to having your closest mentors from your own institution, it can be incredibly valuable to bounce ideas off of someone outside of your institution.

2. Networking with other Fellows in your subspecialty

  • Want to bounce ideas off of some like-minded peers?
  • Want to see what other Fellows are doing and possibly collaborate?
  • Want to turn your research from a single center to a multi-centered study?

Network -canstockphoto11370978This is what the Fincubator was made for. Putting you in an online, digital network of Fellows in the same subspecialty across the country and around the globe can only lead to good things. Whether it’s collaborating for scholarly projects or seeking advice when you run into problems, the Fincubator will hopefully be the go-to network for all Fellows in Emergency Medicine.

3. Networking with Fellows outside your subspecialty

You love Critical Care, but you’ve been wanting to incorporate more Ultrasound into your practice. You signed up a Fellowship in Toxicology, but want to hone your skills in Medical Education and use Simulation techniques at your shop. We know that Fellows love what they do, but have varied interests and have thought about collaborating with other subspecialties. The Fincubator brings together Fellows in Emergency Medicine across ALL subspecialties, so that collaboration and innovation happen organically.

4. The Curriculum

We have spent months talking with recent Fellows, new faculty, and seasoned academicians about the lessons they learned and wished they had learned during their Fellowship. The result? An innovative and practical curriculum, designed to carry you through the year from brand new Fellow to a young leader in Emergency Medicine.

5. The Perks

The Fincubator is full of ‘em!

  • Plenty of private social gatherings at the national meetings in Emergency Medicine, including SAEM and ACEP 2016
  • Competitions throughout the year with prizes including a trip to The Teaching Course, publications of your work on ALiEM, and Grand Rounds speaking opportunities
  • Lots of fun give-aways throughout the year to make your Fellowship experience in the Fincubator a memorable one

Read more about the Fellowship Incubator and how to apply!

Glenn Paetow, MD

Glenn Paetow, MD

Glenn is a Chief Resident at Hennepin County, continuing on as a Medical Education and Simulation Fellow next year. He is also an editor at HennepinUltrasound.com and HQMedEd.com
Glenn Paetow, MD

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