The first question people ask when they hear about the new FemInEM job board is “Why would you have a job board just for women?” I smile briefly, and then I explain. The FemInEM job board is for ALL doctors in EM. I understand the confusion, after all, we are a website dedicated to discussing and discovering issues related to women working in emergency medicine. We publish articles on gender bias in the workplace, reflect on the needs of new mothers returning from maternity leave and discuss programs that help women become leaders in our field. And since we spend so much time discussing environments conducive to the success of women physicians, it seemed natural for us to provide a forum where our readers could look for new jobs.

But at FemInEM we know that the workplace programs supporting women in EM are actually beneficial for ALL physicians in EM. All physicians want to be able to search easily for articles related to parental leave programs and stipends offered by specific employers. All physicians want to know if employers are facilitating and funding leadership development programs.  And lastly, since the job board allows the user to easily sort and compare jobs, all physicians want to compare jobs side by side based on similar practice environments so that they can feel like they understand the employment landscape in front of them.

Our job board was built from the user’s perspective. Our search function uses criteria that we think EM physicians want to know: practice environment, clinical care team, residency affiliation, trauma designation. It also allows jobs to be tagged with special skills like ultrasound or toxicology, providing a space for fellowship posts along side traditional attending posts.  We post “academic” jobs next to “community” jobs with the knowledge that the designation between the two is frequently artificial, and that many of us enjoy working in the ED alongside residents and students. Lastly, we embedded a search bar in the job board so that you could look for previous content on FemInEM related to an employer and/or hospital to understand more about that work environment.

So, please check out the FemInEM Job Board and let us know what you think. We will only be as good as the doctors that visit our site and the feedback we get.

Dara Kass, MD

Dara Kass, MD

Assistant Professor
Ronald O. Perelman Department of Emergency Medicine
NYU School of Medicine
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Dara Kass, MD

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