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ACMT Toxicology Visual Pearls: Drug-Induced Rash


Two patients with substance-use disorder present to an ED in the United States with a new rash. Which of the following is the most likely exposure?

  1. Krokodil (desomorphine)
  2. Levamisole-adulterated cocaine
  3. Methamphetamine-induced allergic reaction
  4. Wound botulism secondary to heroin use

Reveal the Answer

This post was expert peer-reviewed by Dr. Bryan Judge and Dr. Kavita Babu.

The American College of Medical Toxicology (ACMT) hosts this Toxicology Visual Pearls series
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Jennifer S. Love, MD

Jennifer S. Love, MD

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Jennifer S. Love, MD

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Louise Kao, MD, FACMT

Louise Kao, MD, FACMT

Associate Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine
Indiana University School of Medicine
Louise Kao, MD, FACMT

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