ALiEM Awards 2017We are proud to announce the return of the Annual ALiEM Awards! Started in 2016, this was the first in its kind to officially recognize the hard work and creative energy that is required in the generation of social media educational content. We are excited to bring it back to shine the spotlight on another year’s worth of high performers and game changers in medical education!

Our motto in doing this last year is the same motto that we have this year: We believe in supporting the hard work, creativity, and scholarly output that is enhancing the experience of learners who utilize social media for their medical education. We believe it is important to recognize leaders who excel at innovative, online content creation.

Consider nominating yourself or your colleagues, and check out last year’s winners!


September 15, 2017 (Must be uploaded by 23:59 Pacific Time on this date)

1. Most Innovative Blog or Podcast

We wish to recognize a blog or podcast that is shaking up the world of online medical education. In recognition of the diversity of leaders, this award is open to any blog or podcast that is focused upon medical education – regardless of specialty focus. In recognition of the team effort that is required, the award will go to the blog or podcast, not to an individual contributor.


  1. Cover letter detailing why the blog or podcast qualifies for the award
  2. At least 3 representative examples of blog posts or podcasts (URL links)
  3. Document listing the leaders of the blog or podcast and their roles

2. Best Use of Technology To Enhance Medical Education

It takes creativity and resilience to develop and implement useful educational activities. We wish to acknowledge a medical education leader and his/her initiative to improve medical education through the use of technology and social media. The award may also go to a team of individuals, but the nature of the team should be made clear in the cover letter. For this award, the medical education initiative must have been active after January 1, 2016. Submissions can be for content that is focused on graduate or undergraduate medical education, regardless of specialty.


  1. Cover letter detailing why the initiative qualifies for the award (Refer to the ALiEM IDEA series for examples of how to write up innovative ideas.)
  2. Up to 3 URL links that demonstrate this technology-enhanced experience (optional)
  3. At least 1 letter of recommendation from a learner who participated in this initiative. Joint letters with multiple signatories are welcomed.

Most Innovative Educator

This prestigious award celebrates an individual leader (resident, fellow, or attending), who has contributed significantly to the domain of social media and medical education. Although innovation has many definitions, but we at ALiEM believe that it means creating disruption and positively contributing to health professions education. We seek out an individual educator who embodies these ideas.


  1. Cover letter detailing why the individual qualifies for the award
  2. Up to 2 URL links that demonstrate this innovative educator’s work (optional)
  3. CV of the nominee

Submission Forms

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Nikita Joshi, MD

Nikita Joshi, MD

ALiEM Chief People Officer and Associate Editor
Clinical Instructor
Department of Emergency Medicine
Stanford University
Nikita Joshi, MD


Emergency Medicine Doctor Associate Editor of ALiEM Gun Sense Advocate #FOAMed #Docs4GunSense #MomsDemandAction Tweets represent my own views and opinions
Teresa Chan, MD, MHPE
ALiEM Associate Editor
Emergency Physician, Hamilton
Associate Professor, McMaster University
Assistant Dean, Program for Faculty Development, McMaster University Ontario, Canada
Teresa Chan, MD, MHPE


ERDoc. #meded #FOAMed Own views expressed. Contributor to @ALiEMteam, @WeAreCanadiEM, ICE Blog, #FeminEM. @MedEdLIFE founder. Works @McMasterU & @HamHealthSci