education research consult serviceAre you a medical education fellow or budding educator-scholar struggling with ideating, designing, or conducting your education research study? Conducting and publishing education scholarship is incredibly challenging with unique considerations that are different from other forms of research. We are thrilled to announce the ALiEM Education Research Lab and Incubator (ERLI), led by the ERLI Chief Academic Officer Dr. Simiao Li-Sauerwine from The Ohio State University.

What is ERLI?

Members of the ALiEM organization have been publishing a considerable amount of education research. Consequently, we have decided to launch a new initiative to formalize the group, disseminate research agenda findings, and help “incubate” budding educator-scholars. Read more about ERLI.

Education Research Consult Service

How many times have you submitted your study to journals to only get rejected because of poor study design, insufficient data, or inappropriate statistical analyses? Our team certainly has experienced this. We wish to pay it forward to budding educator-scholars.

We are offering free advice from our Education Research Lab and Incubator which comprises a diverse group of talented scholars, alongside Dr. Li-Sauerwine:

  • Michael Gottlieb, MD RDMS
  • Daniette T. Miller, MD
  • Tim P. Moran, PhD
  • Lainie M. Yarris, MD MCR

Read more about them and their self-proclaimed medical education superpowers!



Michelle Lin, MD
ALiEM Founder and CEO
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Department of Emergency Medicine
University of California, San Francisco
Michelle Lin, MD


Professor of Emerg Med at UCSF-Zuckerberg SF General. ALiEM Founder @aliemteam #PostitPearls at Bio:
Michelle Lin, MD