Trick of the Trade: Dental Avulsion and Subluxation

It’s a Friday evening shift in the “minor area” of your ED and a young woman who had imbibed a little too much alcohol comes in with an avulsion of her first left upper incisor after falling and striking her face against the ground.  She’s crying because of the event but is otherwise unscathed.  At this point it’s time to take care of the avulsion.  What to do? (see PV Card on ED Treatment of Dental Trauma)


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Paucis Verbis: Dental trauma

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHow cool is this — I have talented emergency physicians contributing Paucis Verbis card content! This week features excellent pearls on Dental Trauma by Dr. Hans Rosenberg (University of Ottawa). Here’s his recent article in Annals of EM on reimplantation of avulsed teeth.1


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